1.e4 – Chess Openings for Absolute Beginners (Elo-0 to 600) | ft. @SuhaniShah

Have you just begun your chess journey? Do you find learning chess openings daunting? This video is for you. IM Sagar Shah goes over some of the most important openings that every chess beginner must know. And who is his student in the video – the ever charming mentalist and magician Suhani Shah. Suhani’s interest in chess and the willingness to learn something new makes this a thoroughly insightful at the same time refreshing video!

A big thanks to “Social” chain of restaurants where this video was shot.

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Edited by Abhyudaya Ram and Sagar Shah
Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I want to learn how to play chess frm where should I start I learn how pieces work any suggestions please

  2. Kiske kiske upr se gya like here?

  3. Sagar sir should be called "The Supreme Teacher".

  4. This is a perfect video for beginners. Not like those videos where you are just reading out notations at full speed!

  5. Please make more beginner videos like these & also please continue the series & then each of openings in depth sector by sector.
    Thanks in advance

  6. what would i have to give to have Sagar Shah teach me chess

  7. Bhai thora hindi. Bhi bolo hame bhi samaj aye

  8. Instead of puutting girl's name you should have put Teacher's name

  9. Thank you very much Sagar sir. 🙂 You are an expert teacher! 👏👏 🙏

  10. when the video on 1. d4 will come ??
    i am waiting for this videos.

  11. I barely even know what the captions of the video meant, All I thank you is for the confusion I left Yt with

  12. thanks I learned nothing except a bunch of symantics for positions on the board!

  13. This is truly an awesome video, more such videos will be great! It feels like we are sitting in front of a GM and asking basic questions and the explanations are very instructive. I think there is a book by GM Gulkov with a similar format where he gets questioned by an amateur or an IM on how the GM thinks…

  14. Thanks sir tips dena ka liya opnings ki

  15. I don't know why chess invented in Bharat
    No mention of Bharat in any move 😮😮

  16. ❤❤❤I LOVE IT❤❤❤

  17. Suhani reading the mind of sagar and playing the moves without thinking 😂😂

  18. Truly awesome – conversational Socratic approach to learning. I tried learning openings many times and got overwhelmed. This video made it seem possible. Will look for more in the series. Thank you Sagar and Suhani! 🙂

  19. Bc itna focus studies me diya rehta to pakka ca banta

  20. If there is any guy who can make an absolute layman fall in love with chess it is sagar shah dude! his enthusiasm is soo contageous.

  21. Sagar Shah loves teaching dude, Just see his face while he is explaining things

  22. instrucrive and biutiful explanation gg vid

  23. Sagar please make a dedicated series for viewers , you can also make a paid course.

  24. Sagar Shah sir is one of greatest teacher in world

  25. Wonderful session sir. Thank you so much.

  26. Keeping all jokes apart, can we all appreciate how good Sagar Shah is as a coach.

  27. first opening by your suggestion and got win

  28. I will go for Mikhail Tal variations and his magical sacrifices ❤

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