11 year old beats a Grandmaster & SMILES! #shorts

That happiness after beating a GM! 🔥

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Grandmaster missed that chance to get the kid’s knight with his rook

  2. The mind of a child is far greater than any man sometimes we need to humble ourselves like a child pure knowledge

  3. Anyone who plays chess knows how exhausting the game is after it’s over. That smile is a smile of relief. He’s glad it’s over. It is exhausting to say the least. Even more exhausting playing fast

  4. World champions XQC and MoistCr1tikal have been real quiet since this clip dropped…

  5. i am 11 years old like him and only 300 elo💀💀💀

  6. Idk why I get the feeling that kid smile after beaten a grandmaster who's older than him pissed me off.

  7. Meanwhile me 11 years old and still suck at chess getting mated by a 800

  8. As pessoas debochando do GM, por perder de um garoto de 11 anos, mas nunca se deve subestimar ninguém pela idade, principalmente em um jogo em que a única arma é o cérebro.

  9. Егор молодец. Вот так нужно обыгрывать гроссмейстеров.


  11. Why bishop not taken knight after pawn movement the bishop in the corner can eliminate the knight

  12. The kid qas looking at him before he resigb
    With a smile yeah and now what ???

  13. Is that misha osipov? If yes, that boy faced absolute legends when he was a toddler

  14. All that players face reaction same, when they have won… Like this..

  15. you could have used a "happy" bgm with this video.

  16. When he’s older some kid will beat him. It happens. I’ve seen many times. Maybe idk

  17. We see this short of talent at my club all the time. Nothing new here. With the fact they have computers to analyse every small detail chess has become common place.

  18. Be very happy little one because being a chess nerd chances are you won't get a girlfriend so be happy in any way it comes along.

  19. Kid turned on the auto-queen in his settings- amateur move. 🤣

  20. GM moves? You were joking, man … 😢😢😢

  21. wth, the age is same with me

  22. I love the way the kid went from smiling because he won into a serious face to not rub it in the grandmaster

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