12-Year-Old Kid Crushes Chess Pro

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  1. When Levi titled himself a demolished noob I cracked up 🤣💀

  2. is it me or this guy sound like ferran from the royalty family

  3. Wow! @gothamChess, that live chess screen for us to see what is happening is so coolll

  4. Why did you not play a6 to move the night away

  5. Volkan "No Time" Oezdemir. Such a niche UFC reference 😂

  6. I watched one of your videos, where I was in completely list position, and as you said, I started moving my king up the board which resulted in victory. Thanks to your tips and tricks, your content is awesome.

  7. 2:55 "I'm missing my wallet that's not a good thing everybody" 😅😅

  8. 8:02 last time i checked there used to be “pieces” in an “opening”

  9. 1:47 Why didn't Levy do knight c3? I mean that's a free rook right there through a fork

  10. bro has years of experience and lost to a 12 year old

  11. Is gothamchess better or worse then Anna?

  12. Bruh the scandinavian by levy

  13. I would love to see more games with you and tani.

  14. Awesome video. Love both you guys sportsmanship. and incredible chess!

  15. Broooo. I was about to buy your book before I saw this. Now I’m buying Tanis. 😂 just joking. I hate to see you lose.


  17. The way the black kid took the whits side and that dude took black side 🥶👌

  18. Tani is an amazing kid. Not just for his chess prowess. His personality is a winner in and of itself. Thank you Levi for your videos. You can teach an old dog new tricks. I'm 61 years old an learning a lot about chess thanks to you. Be safe be blessed.

  19. Tani played brilliantly, sacrificing pawns left and right for tremendous compensation. The mate was a thing of beauty.

  20. I feel second-hand cold just watching Levy's shirt

  21. Well done hope u you didnt cry to much gotham twat

  22. gotham plays well but he cant think for a long time seems like he is just like me

  23. So heartwarming moments in today's cynic world

  24. it should be titled as "a pro kid beats a chess youtuber"

  25. Levy lost cuz he didn't sacrifice his rook

  26. The Knights of The South Bronx starring Ted Danson is an inspiring film to see. True Story as well.

  27. I wish I can play levy in chess (I’ll get destroyed 100000% but o well)

  28. People seem to cap out in chess regardless of experience after a certain age. & that age is relatively young. You can keep learning from experience and recognize patterns but the mental quickness is just dulled.

  29. Bro just playing, no serious but i think you need to know where's to find good positional, center place king is so crazy position, 😂😢 bad one

  30. 10:02 Nothing weird cane to mind until you said “Not like that, weirdos.”

  31. without these tiny self-reflective comments it would be perfect

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