2 TEAM games – Stream 12.01.18 | 4 player chess

Typical session of 4 player chess teams xD

Pieces move and capture like always (though there is no en passant at this time)
Pawns promote on your 11th rank
Your team-mate is the player across from you.
You cannot capture your teammate’s pieces.
Checkmate only happens when a player’s turn is reached allowing a player’s teammate to intervene.
The first team to checkmate an enemy player wins!


  1. come back dubious, we need you in these hard times

  2. Hehe.. man you messed up pretty much in this one. 😁 daniel saved the day! No offense to you though. 😇

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your videos with commentary. I prefer to see more free for all style videos. If you could please do some more I would appreciate it

  4. Anyone know when he is going to keep playing

  5. I keep on using your structure and I keep on winning!!! thank you

  6. Dubious, it's been too long, please come back !

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