3 Rules That Skyrocketed My Chess ELO in 1 Year

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you 3 key rules that helped him skyrocket his chess rating in 1 year. He made a tremendous improvement in his game; going from the level of 1600 ELO to 2200 ELO in just a year’s time.

More importantly, these rules/principles are universal; they are applicable in ANY position, in any stage of the chess game. Therefore, you will be able to apply them practically in your own games easily.

GM Igor Smirnov shares the difference between the thought process when he was just 11-years old and after he became a grandmaster. Therefore, you will clearly learn the right thinking process of an advanced player.

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 3 Key Rules to Improve in Chess
00:22 Game-1
01:08 Rule-1: To take is a mistake
02:36 Tip: Do NOT move your pieces backwards
03:24 Tip: Maintain the tension (let your opponent release it)
04:13 The trap of wishful thinking
05:39 Game-2
06:48 Rule-2: 3 opening tasks you should do
08:51 Game-3 (after I became a GM)
09:18 Rule-3: Offense is the best defense
12:43 Universal rule (works in ANY position)
15:26 Learn the SECRETS of strong chess players

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  1. Great stuff!

    You helped me teach my peak rating of 1048, and that made me really happy!

  2. You are a great teacher, sir. You just keep giving these precious advices for free and in the simplest possible ways. God bless you. ❀ Huge respect from Iraq.

  3. 12:01 mate in 2 ……possible……queen f1(rook takes queen) then knight e2 mate

  4. Great video! Can You make a lesson about modern defense? There is not much films on youtube about this opening. πŸ™‚

  5. I think maintaining tension has been my biggest issue lately. I develop but often do trades that don't help me.

  6. I would have moved the porn too. Great I am only a year behind. All the best

  7. Dude forget about chess you should be selling courses on how to age slowly. You don't look like you have aged much. What do you eat???

  8. This is the best and most helpful youtube channel for my chess.

  9. You should post a video of you playing some live games. Im sure we'd all love to watch

  10. My biggest weakness is pawn breaks and figuring out how to maintain a proper structure in the end game. Sometimes I think it's the best move to keep the structure, but the computer says to take X pawn, which seems losing but it some how works out. So being 100% sure which pawn to take to end up promoting is easily my biggest weakness.

  11. I think a good general principle is that if you are going to play a move they you according to principles is bad it better have immediate forces payoffs.

  12. This is great. Thank you. That was so much good stuff condensed in one video.

  13. It really is these simple rules make the difference. I have problems with remembering them during a game. I was thinking of writing down a list of Igor's rules and keeping them beside me while I play online. That's not wrong, is it?

  14. This is very instructive. Thank you for sharing your great chess skills.

  15. Brilliant because it's so actionable. Thanks!

  16. Igor this was one of the most beneficial videos you've made – thanks man.

  17. Whenever you initiate an equal trade, you are effectively giving the other player a β€œFree” tempo aka extra move.

    It should only be done for a very specific purpose, like removing a defender, exposing a king, or not losing an exchange.

    Otherwise include your other pieces and improve your position.

    An extra move is so OP in chess and this alone can help your rating improve vastly.

    Love the channel Igor! Best Teacher on YT!

  18. You are the best online chess mentor, we are grateful to you. ❀

  19. Moving back is useful for knights when your trying to get in position for a potential fork though usually you should never move back and you should move forward to reach that fork rather than back of possible.

  20. When he said I played the worst move, f6 I was ashamed that I was thinking about the same move. Then I realized that I am a 1600, and he was a 1600 when he played it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  21. Thanks very much for this courses. Please continue teaching us chess rules and strategies.

  22. Absolutely brilliant information. I love the way you teach. ❀

  23. We are about to have our Intramurals here in the Philippines and after watching your vids I've been destroying most of my friends in chess and I hope I get to win on our Intramurals πŸ˜„

  24. Thank you Igor, this video is very useful!

  25. Excelent content Igor, please continue with this very practical classes!!

  26. Wow that was very eye opening. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  27. Very valuable advice! You provide a book full of information but you need to slow down your delivery and allow your important points to sink in! You can also repeat key concepts to reinforce those points you want a student to embrace. Keep sharing your bounty of chess knowledge!

  28. 7:23 Qd7 looks dangerous after Bb5, Bd6, Ne5 but I guess it works out 10 moves later. Still not the best example, when a6 prior to connecting the rooks, would avoid all these problems.

  29. Could you please share training routines that you used to get stronger. What is it that you did to be even better than 2000.

    PS. You are the first GM on youtube that shares how exactly did you become a better player, thanks for that.

  30. Igor, you have helped me immeasurably in a very short time. You teach how to think out of the mediocre box, and this has inspired me and greatly built my confidence. I am seeing tangible results. You are a GM as both a player AND a teacher. Thank you!

  31. He makes the best chess videos! Great teacher

  32. the three golden rules
    1. offense is the best defense
    2. know the basics of chess opening that develop your pieces and castle and connect your rooks
    3. to take is a mistake

  33. I follow many chess channels and so far this is on of the best. GothamChess is a lot of entertainment and he shares games about current tournaments which is nice, but about learning and improving at chess, this channel and Daniel Naroditsky's channel are the best

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