4 Annas Play 4 Player Chess with Anna Muzychuk, Anna Rudolf, Anna Cramling and Anna-Maja Kazarian

What’s better than one Anna? Four Annas! Anna Muzychuk, Anna Rudolf, Anna Cramling, and Anna-Maja Kazarian play 4 player chess in the most Anna stream ever. Which Anna will come out on top? Watch the video to find out. 🙂
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Video edited by: Linda Chang
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  1. Yellow=Asia,Red=America,Green= Australia,Blue=Europe.Black=Africa and who’s WHITE👈🏻🐧🇦🇶☯️🌍?

  2. Awesome, i never play with 4 player chess. Good movie😃

  3. Анна,персиковый цвет, Вам, очень идет! Это самое важное и главное,что я, лично для себя, вынес из этого видео=)

  4. Анна мы хотим тебя на русском или украинском!

  5. What about the winner of game will get the right to keep the name Anna, others will have to change their name 😅

  6. I hope at least one of them review the new Netflix show Queen's Gambit.

  7. I am a regular follower of Anna's channel and her games but I was not familiar with Anna and am seeing her for the first time, also I have seen Anna in some twitch clips and obviously who doesn't know Anna, she is a mainstay in many major tournaments.

  8. yay Anna Won. I definetly knew Anna is going to win

  9. Anna Cramling?? Is she the daughter of Pia Cramling?

  10. In Magic the Gathering Commander, traditionally a 4 player game. Teaming up in a sense is what we usually call Politicking.

  11. If you want your daughter to grow up to be a good chess player, name her Anna

  12. Cramling: “You’re killing it Anna”
    Me: “Which one?”

  13. My favorite kind of 4-some, Anna galore. This is a wet dream.

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