4-Man Chess with Frank, Chess Nerd, and Orbital Racer

Check out my other videos, as well as other creators like gothamchess, Hikaru, Magnus Carlsen, agadmator, botezlive, chess nerd and Daniel naroditsky! Together we can all play like frank a.k.a stockfish and play brilliant moves! someday we will sacrifice the rook successfully and not on accident

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  1. Comment any video ideas you want to see in the future!

  2. This is the greatest event known to man!
    God bless you Sean Passant for making these well established men chess prodigies.

  3. SP I have been getting breast feeding lately be careful a new challenger is approaching 😈

  4. don’t understand how anyone watches orbital racer

  5. I love Sean Passant.❤ This is the best video ever bro.

  6. Where can I find the full video? I need it more than air

  7. “your queen will be hung within the next four moves” 😭😭

  8. 1600 vs 2000 vs 700 vs 500, truly a very fair matchup

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