4-player chess #1- Learning the ropes while taking names

Watch as I use skill (luck?) to take down my first two recorded games of 4-player chess.


  1. Wait! Red puts Grey in checkmate. Then Red has to actually capture the Grey King a move later. This is stupid.

  2. 12:55 should have moved your Q all the way up to red territory, threatening mate, guarding your bishop, and guarding against red promotion

  3. Hey I have some tips for 4p chess!

    1. Play the moves for fianchettoing your bishop (b3, b6, g3, g6) and fianchetto. If the opponent is not careful, he will may move his bishop that was guarding his b7/b2/g7/g2 pawn, and you can take the pawn and snag his rook in the corner.

    2. If he doesn't fall for #1, just make a King's Indian type structure and castle quickly. Getting your king out of the center is extremely important.

    3. Advance your central pawns as fast as you can!! If your pawns reach the four center squares it becomes a queen! Place your rooks and queen behind these pawns to back them up.

    4. Put the enemy kings in check a lot. It helps confuse the position for them, and you won't have to deal with it because you should castle quickly.

    5. Be on the lookout for free pawns and free material!

    6. Open up as many files as possible for your major pieces.

    7. Go on a reckless mission to obliterate everything in one side's army with your queen while putting him in check.

    Hope you find these tips useful!

  4. its certainly interesting m8 it seems to be a wild west of sorts

  5. i like how you can defend your pieces by having a third player being able to take your piece

  6. I don't think you're American and you wanna know why…Ductless a/c wall unit 🤓

  7. As a former grand master that first match hurt to watch.

  8. oh hey i remember playing you in chess 2! fun times ^_^

  9. Please….
    How do I find a website to play 4-player chess?

  10. It's good. I also played four way chess and won a few games.

  11. out of curiousity, are you in your bathroom`?

  12. 25:10 why not take pawn make queen check force trade and check

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