4-player chess #1- Learning the ropes while taking names

Watch as I use skill (luck?) to take down my first two recorded games of 4-player chess.


  1. its certainly interesting m8 it seems to be a wild west of sorts

  2. i like how you can defend your pieces by having a third player being able to take your piece

  3. I don't think you're American and you wanna know why…Ductless a/c wall unit 🤓

  4. As a former grand master that first match hurt to watch.

  5. oh hey i remember playing you in chess 2! fun times ^_^

  6. Please….
    How do I find a website to play 4-player chess?

  7. It's good. I also played four way chess and won a few games.

  8. out of curiousity, are you in your bathroom`?

  9. 25:10 why not take pawn make queen check force trade and check

  10. Wait! Red puts Grey in checkmate. Then Red has to actually capture the Grey King a move later. This is stupid.

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