4-Player chess #11 First gameplay at 1700+!

Game starts at 4:50

Most controversial decision was delaying checkmate on blue. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Wow wow u r a traitor's if u r green blue it's a friend

  2. ☭ L E A D U S T O V I C T O R Y , C O M R A D E ☭

  3. When you claim wins, you automatically resign. So whoever is remaining last gets a free 20 points. Yellow would have been 2nd even if you just claimed win without trading Queen

  4. Seeing you take several seconds off the clock to explain your actions gives me Anxiety

  5. Hey man at 25:09 you missed a move against red if you move your knight on i6 to k4 you threaten checkmate on red with you fake queen to j2 next move, or if red defends you take his rook on g 1 for free

  6. You're a really instructive player, thank you.
    I think you should have checkmated blue, taken 30 points on your 9-point queen. In both scenarios you ended up without a queen, but in one blue is still alive and you're a lot of points down in comparison! Having lost your 9-point queen is actually a good for you, it's less material for the other opponents to grab, you've already beaten blue.

  7. Would he not have come second anyways? With you resigning for the win… he gets 20 points?

  8. Could have pushed A pawn 2 squares and be safe all game

  9. You should have done your opening shpeal in there about being 1700 but then skipped the waitin for a game

  10. Yoo love your videos. Do you plan on doing 1v1 chess as well?

  11. Nice game. I think it was indeed better to delay the mate on blue as long as you did. I think you could have immediately checkmated blue, because red had less pieces than you and no real attacking chances, but the way you went was much more clean and controlled. That way you also kept your 9p queen, and you just don't give a lot of room for comebacks.

  12. Nice work. You missed a check on Red with your queen. Instead of going with your queen
    You should have done. Putting Red's king in the middle. Then check with your second rook.


  13. Yellow thought taking the gray king was 20 points xD

  14. this is not a chess game,its a diplomacy game,trust me I m a 1600+ and i only have played around 20-30 games..

  15. would be interesting how to programm a computer to play 4 playerchess.
    stockfish and all modern engines are very hard to port, because they use board representations that are very strictly bound to 64 squares.

  16. I agree with your decision to force second place to the second man standing at the end if possible, but does that not affect your own points? And the rules don't explicitly disallow it? Because it is artificially increasing their rating which will put them against stronger players which may potentially knock them down even lower

  17. 26:07 Queen takes pawn was a checkmate for blue. Your 1-point queen was blocking that corner square.

  18. what website are you playing these games on?

  19. At 18:10, yellow moves his queen to prevent you from checkmating blue. Well spotted from yellow.

  20. Putting off mate definitely ended up securing your win, but I think that relied on erroneously passive play by R + Y. They should have noticed your large material and positional threat and prevented you from having so much time to run wild. You considered their play, though, so you recognized they would cede that time, and obviously it ended up being the right strategy.

  21. I though that was fine checkmating blue first!

  22. Just out of curiosity, us your 1v1 rating higher or lower than your 4-person rating?

  23. even if you made him happy you also probably pissed blue and red for giving the second place to the other guy but ok… hahaha 🙂

  24. just played with him in teams and we won I am itsgoingdownforyou I also have funny chess memes on my channel

  25. At 21:05 Red deflected the Bishop and could have wrecked havoc with the Knight fork taking the 9 point Queen and later capturing the Bishop too.. Too bad he missed it..

  26. Also, at 25:17, Knight to k4 would have been a good move, I guess? Mate threats on j2 and discovery on the loose Rook on the last rank, with check.. Could've finished Red off..

  27. 25:50 why didn't you move queen to the left to checkmate red?

  28. well played, I love how you explain your plans…thx.


  30. wtf your first 20 moves are just camping in my opinion, your 1727 and still playing with as little agression as an 1300 player

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