4-Player chess #12 1700 Struggles

Tough game, had the player across from me become crippled early, and then it became hard to stop the others from promoting oh so many pawns.


  1. you should have tried to trade a one point queen against a knight and a bishop of green… then greens kingside would have been wide open… and the points would have helped you in the long run 😉

  2. shouls have joined green killing blue. no way you can beat green after you gave him your real qween.

  3. Yellow just miss-spelled "stop-chat" command.)

  4. im just watching you play, im not relly good at chess but watching somebody figuring out a new gamemode is fun 🙂

  5. lol FandeLuison in chat said are you recording to redtube im dying

  6. I refuse to play the game until they cap it to 1 additional queen, or only 1 queen per player at a time.

  7. Basically, those resignations when leadership is secured seems to be unsportsmanlike conduct.

  8. Nathan, it would be awesome to watch you stream your games on Twitch or whatever. Did you consider doing that?

  9. I think the game turned against you in 2 ways.

    1: you spent a lot of your clock reshuffling your pieces

    2: decisively you could have added more pressure on the threat of check and check mate to Green but instead pulled back which lead him to exchange a promoted queen for your queen. The retreat from your attack on Green plus your queen exchange hurt you more.

  10. I have been watching all your games so far. They are extremely informative and help me get better, both in 4 player, as in terms of awareness of 2 player chess. Thanks for helping me improve 🙂

  11. I'm nowhere near your chess level but it can't be right to shuffle your left rook, light-coloured bishop and knights that much… You could watch the game again and try to justify every move you made. Also, I don't think it is bad to invest a knight or pawn to get fast piece activity when yellow went down or at least something more active.

    At 17:11, why move your rook to protect the pawn? Firstly, your queen is protecting the pawn for now. Secondly, you want to move your pawn up anyway (which you do a couple of moves later).
    At 26:30, when yellow disconnected, why don't you push your furthest advanced pawn? You would have gotten a queen I believe.

    As a final note, you seemed like you were hoping for first place all the way to the end. It could have worked if you and blue teamed up, you killed green and then you win in a 1v1 against blue. However, what if blue checkmated green? Then you would for sure end up third. I would suggest to just go for second place in such a though position (especially when green got another queen near the end on top of his ~40 points lead). In order to do that, look for ways to help green kill blue, then either green claims the win by resigning or you could trade pieces and get more points than blue before you're checkmated.

  12. This is kind of infuriating to watch. You continuously relieved pressure on the threat of checkmate on green which was your only advantage in the game.

  13. You would have had more time if you talked a bit less…

  14. Do you think playing a lot of 4 Player chess can improve your normal 2 player chess?

  15. You need to attack. You dont do anything the intire game.

  16. You are still making moves as if the other players aren't going to move, and then act astonished when they push a pawn or alter the board. Durdling around with your knights instead of pushing your own pawns at key moments seemed to me like it cost you a promoted queen opportunity this game. So I would suggest some more proactivity there. I think that turtling with each of your pieces covered in depth, hoping the other players attack each other, and trying to sneak in checkmates and-or clean up the weakened opponents is only going to work against weaker players and hit a wall. Or runs into serious problems whenever the first player killed while you turtle is the player opposite you.

  17. Overall, a good game. Enjoyable. I suspect people underestimate the effect of sacking a piece to shift who is paying attention/attacking whom, but everything is easy speculation when are aren't the guy playing. Thanks for posting.

  18. Rather than explaining why you are going to make a move you should make it and explain afterwards. Not trying to be mean but you are chipping at your time really fast, and it's usually a couple seconds per move so doing it just a little faster could save up enormously.

  19. Hey Nathan, I just started playing this game mode do to randomly coming across your videos. I just started a new strategy where I let someone rush a paw to get a queen and the second they do, I pull my bishop out and check them. It causes havoc and increases the pace of the game to a comic point. Anyways keep the videos coming!

  20. I think at higher levels you're not going to be able to count on other people trading all their junk so that you have material advantage dude. You gotta get involved from the start! You held back at the beginning and never had a chance of promoting as a result. You were definitely losing regardless of time. You complain about Yellow crumbling early, but of course if you're just turtling Blue and Green are going to take Yellow out… That said I'm only 1500 blitz so don't listen to me.

  21. hey nathan, love your vids
    i was wondering if u thought of the move on 33:03 mark to move your queen to h12 attacking greens queen+rook also if green promotes piece exchange and attacking blue rook simultaneously? if u have or havent do u even think it was still a good move and an influence on the game…

  22. Hi Nathan, I love your Videos!!
    Lately you mentioned, that you play a few games every day. Why dont you share more games with us? If it's not too much effort for you, I'd love to see more games 🙂

  23. There really should be lag on a game like this. It's an interesting game scenario that I've enjoyed watching but the programming for this must be terrible.

  24. thx for the video, I play it too and got addicted to it 🙂 I suppose you lost because you were little passive and unlucky not having the yellow as neghbour because he played like a noob lol. Both green and blue were very good, blue defended his king very well while promoting pawns. Wish to see you doing better jobs next times 🙂 Cheers

  25. You had a good opportunity to attack the L4 square toward the end with your Rook, Bishop, and 2 queens. But the time doesn't leave a lot of room for decision making. I wish they would do at least 2-5 minute clocks or give more time to start the clock, say 30 seconds

  26. Need to stop playing and commenting… hard enough with all the diagonals and move orders. concentrate on the game and comment later

  27. 42:16
    in your last turn when you check the green and gives blue an opportunity to attack green, i think you were in a position to completely flip the table around and brained green!
    But sadly you both timed out and wasn't choosing the right moove.

    F4 to F5
    If ever the blue had choosen to still go for E7 to E9 =>
    J9 to E9
    H4 => A4 Check the blue
    At this point blue would have been forced to wether:
    – B10 => A9
    – C5 => A7
    – B8 => A7

    Considering you have I3 =>B10 as a strong weapon with J2 backing up your queen and green could have seen an opportunity in M8 to C8, according on how everyone had play after i believed you and green in some kind of "team up against the strong blue" could have found a way to math him! making both you an green the remaining one with equals power and low pieces.

    So yeah, it's true that it entirely depends on if blue would have fallen for E7 to E9 to begin with, but i think the bait was so strong with the check to the green and the opportunity that he saw that he wouldn't have even realised the occasion you could have here to messed with him!

    Tell me guys what do you think about that incredible "POSSIBLE TURNAROUND"!

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