4-Player chess #16

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First Livestream Time: Wednesday, Nov. 1st @ 5PM China Standard Time // 2AM PST // 9AM GMT

Some background hammering in this video. Skip to 6:00 to get past it XD.


  1. still hearing beep-beep… (and knocking hammering…) you should really make an effort, kinda pathetic if that's what you do for an apology video

  2. You got your rating back from last game, show us some games at 1800

  3. Wow, third video today! Really cool to see so many games!

  4. Hey you should message The Lone Wolf, a fellow YouTuber, about getting an epic 4-player match going on.

  5. if you rewatch the video you notice the beep beeps all the time, i think its the teamspeak client bc you muted yourself in there ; give us another apology video for that Kappa

  6. Not to complain too much, but now you have a tab bar at the top of the video. Thanks for uploading anyways

  7. At 1615 when yellow moves his knight to block mate, he opens up the option for you to checkmate green (!), which you completely miss when green promotes a queen rather than defending against it. Yellow is much weaker, and mating green to then come back to attacking yellow, (since green is flush with material and blue and yellow adjacent queens will mean they either trade or take a turn disentangling) should have been strongly considered. I looked strictly better to me when viewing. You would have had two queens, two pawns with good promotion potential, checkmate pressure on yellow.

  8. Qi11 at 15:47 wasn't it mate?

    yup, missed mate in 1 without giving blue any rooks

  9. 16:44 I like the idea of this little sneak attack on blue with moving the bishop to h3 pinning the pawn there and then mating blue with Qxc10 and then resigning to claim the game. Surprisingly a lot of people don't see pawn pins so I say it was worth a shot

    22:16: NxI6+ Green cannot recapture because of the mate threat on m5

  10. Love your games! Would be amazing if you started saying Fianchetto with a hard 'keh' sound going forward. Good work on fixing video res, good to see score

  11. I was watching you from video #1. You usually do a really nice job, lov' it! But dude, you need to have more consistency with your quality. Not only is there a beep all along, there is also some hammering/honking going on (you apologised but still), not mentioning that we did not hear your voice as clearly. Also, you never seem to manage your screen arrangement perfectly. ==> Consistency

    Other than that, keep it up!
    I keep watching

  12. Well done. Your patience paid off as Blue just got too complacent towards the end.

  13. If you rewatch the video, you will notice that the person who made it has an incredibly large nether-tether.

  14. Hi, despite all the critical comments i believe most of us actually likes and appreciates your videos, so dont get yourself down because of some issues. thanks for additional upload, keep up the good work!

  15. Between the beeping and the banging. I can't just relax while watching this.That's just extremely annoying.

  16. 16:18 red Qxm5+
    Green is better than yellow, you should've checkmate him first.

    Since you didn't do that and you checkmated yellow first:

    16:44 Qxc10+ and claim the win

  17. Todo el tiempo tuviste el mate o al menos la amenaza al de tu derecha

  18. you are saying sorry, but you annoy people with beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep^^

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