4-Player Chess #21 A Satisfactory Ending

We jump back into 4-player chess!


  1. I love, love your videos of 4 player chess please can u post more!!

  2. You were able to checkmate yellow for so long

  3. Thanks for posting your 4PC gameplays
    You gonna play anymore teams games? You were once top 20

  4. thanks for uploading! 4-player is very entertaining to watch

  5. Unfortunate slip up with the queen, great game though! Glad 4 player is back.

  6. i find if that if you put your knights at c9 and c8 they provide stronger defense for your opening . That way you're queen side isn't more open as your b8 pawn doesn't need to be pushed up

  7. are the scores of green and yellow just off screen?

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