4 Player Chess – 2100 – No Bleep but Coughs

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We reached 2100 ELO earlier than anticipated, stuck with a chest cold!


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The song is from the Youtube Audio Library.

Unicorn Heads – Drifting at 432 Hz


  1. 1:54 if red to your pawn right next to your king with their queen and then yellow put their bishop to defend red’s queen it’s mate for you but at what cost?

  2. Cool, I wanna play but I don't know how to set it up

  3. Nice to spend abit of time watching some of your videos, you have went a long way from 1k to 4k subs. I cannot say the same for my channel, after getting covid i havent had the same energy so its nice to enjoy someone else's content for awhile. Hope youre doing well Avg, always look forward to more of your idle game videos 🙂

  4. Its so relaxing watching your videos! I love your accent, where are you from?

  5. at 8:05 Blue's queen is hanging. Red's queen pins the pawn to the blue king, so you can take the queen with yours and make it out untouched if red lets you.

  6. This is my first time ever watching 4 player chess and I believe ranking should be hidden until end of game. Showing rank allows for conspiracy….I understand maybe it's part of the game and people would make those moves regardless but I feel hiding rank would make games more organic

  7. at 0:57, yellow could take queens pawn and put you in check, and red could move their queen behind the pawn you initially moved, checkmating you? Red would get the points for the mate, and yellow would get the points for your pawn and red's queen (which may be incentive enough to go for it). Is this something worth trying to prevent?

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