4-Player Chess #23 “The Sole Light-squared Bishop Survivor”

Time to climb the ladder.


  1. Back at it again with your colossal womb-doomer.

  2. I enjoy your videos. Keep the daily upload coming, please.

  3. I was nervous the time out would give you second lol. Glad you’re back.

  4. Great game – looking forward to more!

  5. Good game, keep the uploads coming! Your mic is a bit quiet compared to the game audio, maybe turn up the mic volume for future videos.

  6. YES. Man, I love these videos. The commentary really helps me to follow you through the strategies of these battles.

    I wish you would turn up the gain on the mic.

    Regardless, more please.

  7. Hello Nathan,
    Claim Win wasn’t taken away – it just doesn’t show up on your screen unless it is your turn. And your face cam covers it 🙂

  8. your microphone volume is a little low compared to the game sounds

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