4-Player Chess #25 “The 89-move marathon”

Playing these guys is intense.


  1. 36:20 Is that a glitch? I see how that is a check, but not a check mate. Green could still move his second queen in the way.

  2. Have you considered streaming on Twitch?

  3. Spoiler alert:

    I thought surely blue was gunna win at the end but even with 2 seconds on ur clock u managed to win bravo

  4. That was a gripping game. Love the commentary. Was on the edge of my seat for most of it. Why didn't yellow promote his second pawn to Queen sooner to help in his defense against blue? Would you have taken it if he had promoted earlier?

  5. God I was happy to see black get mated. His game play was super annoying, and the "lol" comment too, what a guy.

  6. Buen!!!
    Por la gran paciencia la verdad creía q no llegabas con el tiempo!!!

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