4–Player chess #3- Conservative play

Discussion about how to take fewer risks in your games.


  1. Why does the blue player have 2 queens? Oh nvm

  2. No one noticed the booger on your chin after you sneezed 😉

  3. I never knew that there was four people chess

  4. Never seen this style chess. Will have to try

  5. It'd be a much better game if the winner had to lie on the board and let the three losers piss all over him. Or maybe, like having a joker in cards, each opponent has a 5 second 'piss blast' to see how many pieces they can spray off the board? And the winner gets to watch the other guys as they each take a crap in an old watering can. Like if you think this should be implemented into the game. X

  6. thanks …. only 13 learning a lot from you

  7. If he had captured the pawn and the king captured the rook he could've captured the king with his other rook!

  8. I am the best at normal chess.. I Don't know how I would stratified this

  9. ahh… no hate, but this is gringcey (i love chess)

  10. Did anyone else say bless you when he sneezed

  11. @15:31, you could have taken green's knight. His bishop is tied up, plus you'd also be checking yellow.

  12. I have a question

    What if yellow checks you but it's not your turn yet? Do you move again or not.

  13. Would be cooler if a King is mate all the remaining armies will be yours to command just like in real battle.

  14. In a high level you would be destroyed playing conservative… It is only useful with bad players

  15. How is it blue has two queens? I'm new to this chess variant.

  16. What if the green and yellow king gets checked the same time?

  17. I would be shitting my pants while playing this because of all the angles i could get fucked from.

  18. if you from 2020 board on Lockdown Hit Like 🙂

  19. You need to take control of the centre of the board and castling early on (if done properly) is a good move… can’t be that different in 4 person chess

  20. I’m use to 2player chess so a pawn can block a pawn but that pawn isn’t blocked ♟

  21. I am planning on playing four-man chess with a few family members online, and want video streaming so we can see and talk with each other. Does anyone know if this is possible?

  22. How is that a 500k views video? There are no so much 4player chess players in the world.

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