4-Player Chess #34 2400 average rated game ft. superatos, alex4er, and perfectdefence


  1. What platform is this? Where can I find this I want to play

  2. You had your pep back this vid Nathan! Good to see it man. Enjoyed the analysis and the game

  3. Love the vid. Covering the 2v2 championship would be great!

  4. I'd be down to see your thoughts on the 2v2 champs 🙂

  5. When you doublecheck with a queen it gives you fewer points then if you doublecheck with any other item.

  6. Will you do some more live commentaries in the future?

  7. New subscriber…luckydminor mentioned you in one of his videos and thought I'd check it out… gotta say games are very different in the 2300+ category than the 2000+ games am currently stuck in.🙄

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