4-Player chess #4- Pawn Pushing Meta

Does the pawn pushing opening pay off?


  1. I was green in this match. I'm still relatively new to chess and I found 4 player chess more entertaining. However Chess.com needs to fix the bugs. Like the one at the end, where it shows you had 30 seconds but then all the sudden you timed out. Lucky me lol

  2. Why did you flag? It looked like you still had thirty seconds on your clock.

  3. Is there a way to play private with 3 friends?

  4. It's kind of unfortunate with how scoring is done right now, but the correct play for you would be to sack your queen for a minor piece and then immediately resign.

  5. first time watching 4 player chess. My thought is that bishops are worth more than rook, and if not then atleast more than standard chess. I'd say if rook is 5 points then bishop is probably worth atleast a 6, atleast to me.

  6. I'm not a fan of lifestyle board games. I'm more into the board game hobby but I do like watching this. A lot more interesting decisions that two player chess.

  7. Just found this channel. I'm enjoying the 4-player chess vids. Also, 500th sub!

  8. How does en passant work with perpendicular opponents? Is it still the same, where you can take an opponents pawn immedietly after it moves 2, assuming you could capture if it moves one.

  9. At 11:10 There is an opportunity to trade you I -11 pawn for green's rook. By pushing it forward into the enemy queens path, you force him to choose to either knight defensively around his rook or take your pawn. If he knights you can pawn push for free. Can someone let me know if i'm missing something?

  10. Du hast keine Ahnung vom Spiel und nur Glück, das die sich gegenseitig fertig machen….

  11. wow u really are a chess player it took you 5 minutes to start playing some people just want to see a game of chest

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