4-Player chess #6- Lower rated players are sometimes unpredictable

Watch as a higher rated player to my right gets into a scuffle with a lower rated player.


  1. 4 player chess is pretty good. It would be good if you could adjust the board and the cam a bit better, so we can see the whole board. Not seeing your time and pointsis not so great. Maybe moving your cam up and making it a bit smaller could be done quite easily.

  2. 23:20 when you were trying to focus on mating green, you had mate in one on yellow. Qk6.

  3. Very nice!
    Maybe try showing the time and points – yours and those of the players on the left.
    Great play tho! 🙂

  4. The pawn promotion is unbalanced. Intuitively it would be the 11th rank, and I also think it would make more sense.

  5. Too many queens. They need to have an option where you can go upgrade less or pawns have to reach the end.

  6. That may be true, but the large cack reigns supreme.

  7. I cant think 3 moves ahead in 2 player chess… i would have no chance in 4 player chess except as 16 pawns dor my parter in 2v2

  8. why cover the board with your video, come on ffs.

  9. At 23:22 you had mate on the green king (Ql5) – the yellow queen is already checking him so there would be no available moves for green – would've helped boost your score a bit more

  10. 17:30 green trades queens because red threatens mate. It wasn't about your pawns

  11. interesting, im guessing the knights are no way as good as bishops in this varient, maybe use knight for defence !

  12. What I hate about 4 player is that sometimes the East and West players will both kinda "join forces" and only attack you..

  13. definitely new to 4 player chess but this is cool to watch a higher rated guy go at it. nice watch!

  14. Where can I play the 2v2 game mode? Not bughouse, the kind where all 4 are on the same board.

  15. At 23:19, Why did Red move to 11n and leave his queen exposed!??? What was wrong with 10n?

  16. Didn't you start as a lower rated player too? Or did they recognize your supper or natural skill and bump you up from the start? Or where you also unpredictable when you were lower rated and at a certain point stopped being unpredictable??? But my point is in chess you don't want to be predictable but you also don't want to make random moves.

  17. If I'm losing badly and am being teamed up on, I will definitely pull some kamikaze shit….lol

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