4-Player Chess #9 A Solid Game

Watch what happens when you play well and get rewarded.


  1. Castling early could be interesting. Normally when you castle you do a King's Castle, since it is faster and much easier to do. However, since 4 player Chess basically has it where the opponent to your left is usually more of a threat, why not open with Queen's Castle instead? It pushes a protected pawn out forward to try to get another queen, and if the castle is completed it protects your left side, making it easier to defend against your left's moves.Note, I have still yet to play 4 Player Chess, so this is only an observation I am making based on the games I have watched, and your opening comment to this video.

  2. At 15:15 blue had the chance to checkmate yellow with knight on B11

  3. man the 4 player chess is so much more interesting than the classic.
    just…more dynamic and interactive

  4. Why trade at 6:29? Could you elaborate? I would assume it is best to keep the tension as you could immediately recapture if he captures the bishop without any other player taking advantage of the trade.

  5. 11:50 yellow could have mated blue in 2 with Qxc10+ with mate in 1 to follow. No way for red to interfere, and it would be a >20 lead. gg

  6. When I played grandmaster in Chess Master Online back in the 1990's the top player was I think Pamela Anderson? Baywatch something. I have to wonder if the top person in 4 player chess is the same player.

  7. Green should've trapped your bisjhop.
    Yellow should've not traded away his queens.
    Blue could've mated yellow on 15:17 and 19:30.
    Solid game, not so much.

  8. I was whining noooo at 23:20. He missed Qd8+ Kc11, A Queen to a11+, Queen blocks on b11, D Queen to b10+,and blue queen is lost. He missed a mate in 4 and instead traded off his queens for a pawn endgame.

  9. Nathan please do not resign, you could have won that easily. I know you had the guaranteed victory by point, but you resigned, so you lost, know what i mean?!!!

  10. This is realy lame to just resign when things got hard…play or go home

  11. Hey we should stop approving the idea that just resigning at the end to win is the right thing to do.

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