I hope you found this instructive:D Can anyone count how many queens were alive in this game and how many at the same time?? Patience is the key!!

4 player chess Rules

Pieces move and capture like always (though there is no en passant at this time)
Points are usually earned by capturing live (colored) pieces:
Pawns: +1
Knights: +3
Bishops and Rooks: +5
Queens: +9
Kings are +20
Checkmate eliminates a player and earns +20 points
Your pawns promote to Queens on your 8th rank (at the center of the board)
Promoted Queens are worth only 1 point
Dead (grey) pieces in the armies of eliminated players do not provide points
Delivering a double-check is worth +5, and triple-checks are worth +15
When a player resigns or times out, leaving two or more active players on the board, their King remains live and is still worth +20 to whoever can capture it; but if there are only two players remaining, the remaining player will be given +20 points
The player with the most points at the end, wins!
Stalemate will result in +20 for whoever caused it (including the stalemated player)
The current time control is 1 minute with a 15 second delay. That means each player has 15 seconds to complete their move and after 15 seconds their total game time will start ticking down. Players are eliminated when their time runs out!


  1. Thank you for the commentary sir! Being patient is something I'm definitely going to try and improve on. Keep it up!

  2. the commentary was very helpful, thanks mate !

  3. This strategy has failed before if the three people fight it out, and one gets both checkmates on the other people and then just claims a win.

  4. The bore-you-to-death strategy payed off. You seem happy about it.

  5. The do-nothing strategy can go you so far, in terms of rating AND views count.

  6. what why didnt you take the blue rook at 22 minutes? u were talking about yet you didnt do it!

  7. Like how you explain yellow making mistakes when you do the same! Qn4 would be mate instead of Qn10. Yellow could have played Rm9 mating green and winning the match. Not check if another opponent can mate you said like 5 times 😀 After Rn10 yellow can simply resign with a win

  8. 24:54 you say not check if opponet can mate. Meanwhile, you offered yellow a mate with rook m9. He didnt see it though

  9. One of the greatest strategy I've ever seen in this type of chess game, the best video so far. I've learned and improved my chess skills further due to you sir. You demonstrated many good moves, but 21:57 it was a mistake, blunder move I would say, instead of taking blue's rook you started to retreat.

  10. Master, you play really good indeed, just a question . Are you the great master hammer time? Thankx

  11. Just subscribed after watching some of your videos. Love the commentary and prefer the live ones keep it up

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