4-Player Chess Debut Stream Hype!

twitch.tv/warelephantxd — Watch live at


  1. Just found this on youtube. I was green in the last game. Red tossed my ideas at the very beginning, struggled to recover… GG by the way, enjoy your videos!

  2. I wasn't able to catch it. I wake up at 7 am est and it started at 5 so I just missed the end of it

  3. And I would've been on the steam too…I clicked "cancel" right before the game started, and then was forfeited…

  4. Oh damn he took the glasses off too. He's ready to impress.

  5. I know what I'm hyped about, and it's the fact that now we can interact with this man's huge loin-joiner in real time.

  6. Sad to miss the stream but really enjoyed watching this back and will try to catch the next one!

  7. I actually laughed at that first game. Yellow must've been livid because that guy quitting really screwed him.

  8. You should probably mute your mic when you go to the bathroom lol

  9. Just say higher rating makes me feel good. Dont be a shamed. Totally normal.
    Much love from Holland..

  10. 39:00 what do you mean that green doesn't get any credit for helping you get killed? He has just assured at least a third place with a 1900 rated player beneath him! That's already a win for every player in there except you.

  11. Mad respect for your first game. Your thinking was far beyond mine, especially when yellow put blue in check and blue capturing yellow’s Bishop was forced. You earned that 1900!During the drawn game, I found that while there were several ways to win, the easiest one would’ve been to exchange the one point Queen for the 5 point rook and resign rather than exchange queens

  12. I'm up to #7 on the leaderboard (2018)! I'll try to get into the next stream, although 5am isn't ideal

  13. Oh I have a picture of a game where I tied for the lead and when it ends it says no one won and there are no positive or negative points awarded.

  14. he for some reason kinda looks like jimmy kimmel

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