4 Player Chess FFA 02 (Strategy Tutorial)

opening, player strength, playing sequence, teaming in FFA, queen promotion, exchanging material, alowing others to fight, using chat, quitting early, dangerous eraly casteling, poor king safety,…

Here a nice article about teaming or non teaming in FFA by GustavKlimtPaints


  1. I've been enjoying 4 player chess for a few days now. It's certainly challenging. I'm definitely castling early though. I'm finding that hiding my king away in the corner behind a fianchetto'd bishop really helps protect me so that I can open the rest of my pieces up slowly. I'm only at 1600, but very slowly crawling my way up 🙂

  2. 27:03 you played queen captures rook, which won the game, but you could have captured the knight with checkmate to be more precise. In the end you still won so good game and it was quite enjoyable to watch your instruction on this complex game.

  3. 23:20 you could have mated green with your bishop by capturing inactive yellows pawn, but otherwise this is a very instructive video.

  4. I learnt a few things from this video but I don't think you played a good game. You sacrificed your queen in the start. Then you were saved by green when Yellow checked you. Then move at 25:30 was really bad, green could have taken your queen but he missed. Then 27:02 you missed mate in 1.

  5. hello, it was very interesting ))) i wish only goodluck to your channel ))) great job!

  6. 3 mins to 5 mins is absolute gold. Thanks for this! I've subbed
    Would you like a shoutout on the 4 Player Chess Twitch? This is quality content, and would help lots of people

  7. I would, however, try to not advise people to push for a queen. As soon as you play 2100+ games, you'll lose almost immediately.
    For beginners though, this is great!

  8. That last point in the beginning…the stong player being in the right is good for you…am also rated above 2000 in FFA and honestly I never thought about it like that… thanks for pointing it out

  9. I use to watch your videos to practice my English listening! maybe we can play someday (nick: matazacs)

  10. This is very helpful cuase I get easy overwhelmed

  11. how to join a game i cant join game

  12. wow, thank you so much, my friend asked me to play some 4 player, and I was so daunted by it. It seems so confusing, and the positions can become very complex, but this video breaks it down very well. I will be watching all your videos now

  13. I am 2300+ (was close to 2400) in FFA and I think people plays it completely wrong. 17:17 – green could have mated red, that's right. But you can't assume people will cooperate. It is free for all and you are being given only +1 point for 2nd place, the point of this game is to try to win it, not to kill other players just to be sure not to be last. Green did great not mating red, because he weakened both of you – red and you – and this is benefitial for him because he wants to win the game, not to let you have a lot of material advantage.

    People plays very strange for me in 2300-2400+ levels – they are teaming up with the opposite player to this level, that they are hanging their pieces to kill one of the players to the side. It is never good unless you are happy to be 2nd. In this game everyone should play defensively to have the biggest chances to finish 1st, not to cooperate from the very begining to kill one player on the side. It is okay to use opponent moves to have benefits for yourself, like in 13:59 – green took for free the knight using that red is under check. But what I see a lot is that players on the opposite sides are hanging pieces to themselves and not capturing it – it is maybe not prearranged team, but it can't be benefitial if you want to win the game, and people still do it. Maybe I'm wrong but I want to finish 1st my games, not to kill other players, and the best way to do so is to team up only when it benefits me. Sometimes it would be benefitial to me to defend other player.

  14. This game would be better if you had a Chancellor and Archbishop instead of the Knights.

  15. I suck at normal chess but I love 4 player chess. I've figured out half of what youre saying without help, now you've filled in lots of the gaps, thanks!

  16. Me waiting 7m just for the thing to end: 1m in: uh what 2m in: bruh im skipping skipping to 7:20 yesss

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