4 Player Chess FFA 05 (all 2000+ game review)

Nice game with strong players.
Teaming strategy in FFA


  1. Thanks for this channel you made. I'm playing in 4-player chess for 3 months at 1700-1800 rating level and after my 30th game I stopped progressing in understanding game principles, heuristics, ideas and so on. You just told me several interesting tips in the very first videos. Hopefully, after watching the entire channel I will become much stronger. I truly enjoy this game and your beautiful lively comments on your games.

  2. At 8:58 just attacking the green queen with the light square bishop would have done the trick. It was defended and green would have been forced to trade queens with red.

  3. At 15:48 green should have captured the red pawn with his rook supporting blue

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