4 Player Chess FFA 38 (back after over a month Can I still play)

4pc free for all review by luckyDminor


  1. When I started playing 4pc I made up my mind that I wouldn't play for ratings like I did in regular chess….but once I got a taste of the 2000 which is beyond my dreams in regular chess, everything changed.

  2. I get not playing to avoid losing rating points. The first time I reached 2100 I didn't play for 2 weeks. After starting to play again I was completely out of practice and fell hard to the 1800s even…just made it back to 2100 about 4 days ago and now am really nervous I will fall back again.

  3. Wow what is your rating for blitz because that's really high rated for 4-player chess!!! I was playing with my friend and we only got to 1600 even though I am around 2500-2600 in blitz! Really impressive! Liked! From a fellow new chess youtuber! 😀

  4. Just finished seeing all your videos. Liked it all. Good work. Will be here to watch any of your future uploads and maybe hope to play against you someday.🙂

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