4 Player Chess FFA 39 (long and tight game)

4pc FFA review by luckyDminor


  1. Bro I just found your channel. Very helpful.

  2. You were correct that yellow made a touchpad slip when he gave you his queen! It was me. I could have captured your pawn to pin your rook and while also preventing green’s capture of the blue rook. I even could have checked blue on his back rank. But when I touched the queen it captured the poison blue pawn. Aargh!

  3. at 39:06 can't blame blue…that trade wasn't stupidity like yellow's move but it was out of frustration. I think he just wanted to tradeoff all his pieces and resign. He couldn't really hope for a win at that point. I think he would have played on if for some reason you decided not to capture the queen he had just promoted but idk…

  4. At 50:03 I was wondering why you didn't block green's check with your queen

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