4 player chess ft. Biswa, Sethia and Anirban


  1. Check @wordpuppet on insta. You won't regret.

  2. Can anyone tell me is Sagar's 4 player chess is available on this channel or somewhere else?

  3. Who the f declared him to be worthy enough to stand a chance against Akash Gupta. Bro legend h wo legend. Vo ek akela tum sbki maar dega (including this Biswa jo tere pe kripa krke tere saath videos bana le ra h jisse ki tere thore subscribers bdh jaaye). Puraane votes agr count hote to tu to saale 3rd-4th position pe aata!🖕

  4. This should go down in history as the most entertaining chess match ever. Samay OP 🤟

  5. Please ask vaibhav to not eat with earphones on
    It's too irritating !

  6. I've never laughed this much for a chess game… EVERRRRRRR

  7. Vaibhav is so irrigating I don't know why sorry…

  8. The first ever chess game was played the same way. That's why its called Chaturang.

  9. I was constantly judging the moves and thinking that I can do better alot of mistakes have been made by everyone!

  10. I dont know much about chess. Started learning from these streams. Can somebody explain why anirbhan missed checkmate at 7:15?? Vaibhav's game was over there

  11. shrtlink.ca/xxx235co0l0rgy

    හොඳයි, වෙන කවරදාටත් වඩා ප්‍රමාදයි,ක්විස් සිනාසෙමින් කීවේය

  12. Vaibhav is really…..
    Sala Thks bhi le liya plzz plzz kerva liya..
    Bc Phir Maar bhi diya.. Bada bata level ka hia

  13. Bhai bohot entertaining match tha, Is game ka koi android versions hay kya??

  14. Bhai Ye khate khate irritate kr rha hai mota

  15. Missing samay so watching his old streams again❤️🥺👉🏼👈🏼

  16. Many many happy returns of the day Samay Bhaiya…❤

  17. First time i saw how to give check with the king

  18. what was the second game bhaayee..now i dont feel sad that vaibhav comes last everytime in 4 player chess

  19. Saaale tum streamer lig hagna mutna khana pine stream se pehele ya baad kar liya karo mike pe bethke chap chap karke khaate ho chutiya log.

  20. It seems that comedian Chess Promotor Samay really understands endgame ……i.e. A king is a piece in endgame

  21. Hello,

    Would you be interested in streaming Kingdom Chess? It has a different approach to 4 player chess (kill a king to overtake his army) along with other interesting variants like capture the flag or domination. It's just coming out on Steam in Early Access.

    What's the best way to approach you?

  22. 8:47 Muze laga yaha bhi kashmiri joke marega like maar kahana is favorite

  23. Ye stream dekhke sochraha hu ke Anirban COB2 kaise jeeta? 😂

  24. Areeh bohot funny, but why do you have this thing with Bengalis?

  25. We want amir khan is no more gready thing

  26. When i feel stressed, i come here. Best of Supreme leader! 🙏🏻

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