4 Player Chess ft. Gotham, Hikaru, Agadmator, Nemo

I teamed up with Agadmator to take down Hikaru and Qiyu. Mostly Qiyu.

In this video:
Hikaru. Do I really need to put his links?
Twitch at

Agadmator. How do you not know him already?

WGM Qiyu Zhou:


  1. Are we sure an xray on both opp kings would be a checkmate as both players would have time to move the kings before one can get captured

  2. I like how everyone is out of their comfort zone and having fun.

  3. Levy kinda looks and sounds and acts like CaptainSparklez

  4. "Oh, is it over if you get checkmated?" – Agadmator, professional chess player

  5. This is what chess used to be like in the 1850's. No one knew anything and people just blundered left and right. Imagine having to play against Paul Morphy knowing this much about the game.

  6. This is the first time where I actually feel like I could find better moves than these grandmasters

  7. Play with me play a friend and search my name Lojtha and play with me

  8. Watching this made me think of The Fellowship of the Rings before the influence of the one ring split them all apart. Just beautiful brotherhood/sisterhood. It brings tears to my eyes, because I'm a sensitive nancy boy.

  9. Gotham your like what my boyfriend is to Madden lol you are so confident in play as a result of Experience… 😄

  10. I love levy! Stay strong even all off them are against you 🤣

  11. This is what we need gotham best episode ever.

  12. I LOVE this stream. I subscribe to all of these streamers individually, but their four player chess is the best.

  13. rook a 9 wouldn't have one because both kings can move before she moves again

  14. What happens if the opponent on your left exposes a discovered check from the opponent on your right?

  15. 40:37 Beautiful checkmate by Yellow:QxA9 Any Green Move And pawn open check levy defending the Queen Checkmate

  16. Hikaru never plays with levy, never, the man just dislike the hell out of that poor dude

  17. I'm Cheering for Nemsko just because 😏

  18. bro they are so bad at this game, it is hilarious.

  19. I feel players of Hikarus ilk can really use psychology on lower levelled players. I mean, even when you're an IM or a decent GM when a super GM tells you your position is falling apart, you hesitate. Poor Levy 🤣

  20. lol Levy Did Agadmator so dirty in that 2nd game top content chaps (and chapette)!

  21. never seen 4 masters of chess blunder so many times in one game, now i dont feel so bad about my games 😂

  22. I love Hikaru's smile and agadmador's positivity. I feel like if they were together levy and Nemo would have crippled 😂

  23. Antonio: "Hikaru's move is a mistake"
    Hikaru: "Really?" gets checkmated
    That is how powerful agadmator is

  24. 15:15 hikaru is an egg. bishop takes b10 wins a queen on the spot. this guy is a buns

  25. She has a crush on you levy, that is why she is so soul crushing to you. She is trying to bring you down to her level and put you in an emotional check mate. My sister does the same thing to guys she likes and then wounders why they don't like her back.

  26. Hikaru missed a checkmate in one and levy missed a Queen capture… What is happening?

  27. 27:00 in a nutshell:

    Antonio – figuring out if they won or not
    Nemo – realizing her mistake
    Hikaru – laughing at the whole situation (and realizing a draw is possible)
    Levy – silently questioning his existence and his chess career

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