4 PLAYER CHESS ft. Samay Raina, Agadmator, GM Anish Giri and GM Vidit Gujrathi

Thank you so much to Samay for organizing these fun chess events! Had a blast, here is are social media links from everyone who participated:

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  1. Why the game hasn't continued between vidit and agadmator?

  2. The one person that is needed to be in this multiplayer is Levy

  3. GM huh!! 😂😂😂( Don't trust GMS they do anything for win ,like papabotez said to andria ,"no one is friend on board"😂😂😂

  4. So you are trying to say this is not four player chess game but just team , team , trust , trust game ……

  5. Vidit: can I trust u Anish
    Anish: what I'm always on ur team

    Later Anish: lets checkmate vidit 😅😅😅

  6. That guy with white headphones isn't he is that dude from game of thrones who tried to give poision wine to khaleesi?

  7. this is what happens when u backstab the BACKSTAB KING

  8. Anish attacks vidit with his queen
    Red wedding – Finally a worthy opponent

  9. They are literally playing chess on outside instead in the game by speaking to each other with techniques hahaha

  10. This game is insane. I think if everyone played for themselves, and no alliances, its a free for all bloodbath.

  11. More of this chess the betrayal is amazing content

  12. World politics portrayed is a single game!

  13. The stream ends:
    Agad " what just happened?"

  14. I think Anish got justice😂😂😂
    Edit — Samay op🔥🤘

  15. First rule of 4 player chess – team up with the person opposite you.

    Coz if he gets eliminated, you'll get sandwiched from two sides.

  16. I just watched this, September 27, 2021 and I was laughing so hard I had tears coming from my eyes. Great video.

  17. I have seen five 4player chess ,4 from Samay and this one and every game the lesson learnt is never trust Vidit , he always come on top no matter the pieces he has 😅

  18. moral of the story vidit is not trustworthy XD

  19. 26:46 i think botez should have continued alliance with Vidit to defeat Agadmator. Since after that it would be easier for her to defeat Vidit.

  20. 34:29 it seemed Agadmantor was actually helping Botez from getting mated by vidits Queen.

  21. This was some next level Game of Thrones😂

  22. They played for points, but told Agadmotor it was the last man standing. Clearly He would have won if it was not for points.

  23. Alex lost vidits confidence by taking that queen 😂😂😂

  24. wait, I'm confused… why did Vidit win at the end?

  25. Amish is the master of mind manipulation…. First he started the team up speech because it’s supposed to be free for all, then he talked his way out of check mate, and then talked himself into another alliance, to win at the end WOW….👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  26. Chess just turned into Among Us real quick

  27. This should happen every week. What a stream! 🤣

  28. 'I trusted Vidit'. Says the person who didn't realise they blundered m1 lol

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