4 Player chess ft. Vidit


  1. 56:48 hahahahahaha
    Tell me he doesn't have perfect comedic timing, prove me wrong, I dare you 😂

  2. Please remove Vaibhav from future streams…he ruins the whole vibe

  3. What's surprising is when Vidit spotted mate in 1 he saw only biswas not vaibhavs. Imagine how complex it is. And also he played conservatively from start didn't exchange pieces which is good idea in 4 player chess

  4. This was so fun, was laughing most of the time

  5. 54:08 Samay praising Vidit but our own ‘Byomkesh’ had planned this way ahead by creating a facade of innocence 48:30 😂😂😂Just look at that cruel smile on Anirban’s face 46:12 😂😂

  6. Anirban has totally figured out the game!!!! Epic khela!

  7. Check @wordpuppet on insta. You won't regret.

  8. Samay please upload your stand comedy show videos also… Its a request 😌😌

  9. whoever kills the king of opponent's king should get his pieces to himself – That would have made Anirban strong against Vidit.

  10. At 8:00, it's pronounced Goria flyover, not sure but I think it should be that way

  11. Woke up early. Did yoga. Prepared myself to study. And then samay raina comes with these chess streams. Fuck you samay. Bdw love you samay.

  12. Bhai settings mei jaake guidelines on kar sakte ho, so woh a,b,c,d….1,2,3,4… Dik jaatay

  13. Who the f declared him to be worthy enough to stand a chance against Akash Gupta. Bro legend h wo legend. Vo ek akela tum sbki maar dega (including this Biswa jo tere pe kripa krke tere saath videos bana le ra h jisse ki tere thore subscribers bdh jaaye). Puraane votes agr count hote to tu to saale 3rd-4th position pe aata!🖕

  14. Isme bc beast ko laoge to kitna chaos hoga na

  15. Try finding Chautranga chess game online which is old form of chess played through dice. Dice decide the pieces the player can move ..

  16. Or play chess through old rules where rook can only move places.

  17. Samay…please don't make your videos private. Charity stream 2.0 please upload with 8hrs. I want to see all of it. I only saw 2 hrs of it.

  18. I had to watch the video at 0.25 speed when vidit was solving puzzles

  19. shrtlink.ca/xxxhome137bl0w

    ගොස්සිල් අපහාස නොසලකා හැරියේය ඔබට හුස්ම ගැනීමට හැකි නැනෝ තාක්‍ෂණයන් ඇත, රාස් අවුල් සහගත වාහකයන් වායුගෝලයේ පාවීමට හෝ සම සිදුරකින් බඩගා යා හැකිය

  20. Who would have thought that Anirban would beat all the comedians one day!

  21. Wish you a very happy birthday Samay Bhaiya….❤

  22. Wo bhi kya waqt tha vd nd samay kitna formality ke sath bat krte the aur ab stream pe srif trash talk😂 ek dusre ko gf batate hai….

  23. Remembered this game after 7 months. Watched the 4 player game just for the politics

  24. I love how sneakily Anirban set up the 2 mates 😂😂

    The reveal as well only got half spoiled by Vidit

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