4 PLAYER CHESS HAS AN ENGINE! (bots destroy Elite Teams players 1-6)

Staff-approved bots play unrated games on a public test server.
Play them on chess.com/4pc-test! (Must message “Tony” on chess.com)

Of course, icystun is a better player and collabs with Kujtimi 2-2 versus the Terminators a few weeks earlier but, of course, Tony improved his engine since.

Game 1: Spectacular rook sacrifice by us. Attack on blue king was strong and green was focused on material over counter attack.
Game 2: My idea at 34:00 doesn’t work. Red recaptures with pawn defending his own queen and yellow bishop takes two moves to trade bishops with a check: 9.. Qb5 Bh13 Bxi3+ 10. jxi3 Qxm5 Bxm8+ Kxm8 11. Bxm5


  1. So Terminator was around back in november 2019. It was a little baby then, it has grown up into an invincible monster.

  2. Is the boy rating accurate and can everyone play the bot? It would be fun to be able to go up against 2500s

  3. 34:35 you could not win their queen because Qd5 Bh13 Bxi3+ jxi3 Qxm5 Bxm8+ Kxm8 Bxm5

  4. green's third move was so good the first game. makes room for green's bishop on the light square keeps pressure on yellow. Taking advantage of all opening mistakes by RY.

  5. Hey! I meet you before! I'm kaydenwu5 in 4 player chess 😀 I'm so good to see you!

  6. There should be free for all 4 player chess engines that can communicate and lie.

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