4 player chess: I got 3 queens!

l played a solid game in this one. I’m also playing around with a couple of other chess variants, so keep your eyes peeled for some more goofy chess videos in the future!


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  1. The new queens you make ate only worth one point while your original queen is worth 9 points so if you are gonna sacrifice a queen try to sacrifice the new ones

  2. Once again an amazing 4 person chess video. I definitely am enjoying the content!!!

  3. I really just watched a man win a game of four player chess… only Forgotten7ea

  4. Second vid I watched and im subscribing great content!

  5. Bro, you are so underrated. Also, I love watching your videos.

  6. Why did the green lose every piece except for king?

  7. Why didn’t you mate blue like 4 times at 9:30. Both his Queen and rook were pinned so if you took pawn with Queen don’t you deliver checkmate?

  8. Nothing like finding a random 4 player chess video at 1:45 am and getting instantly hooked.

  9. I remember an idiot saying that there is less King in chess.

  10. U’re amazing man, i can’t stop watching alt i have a test tomorow😢

  11. If green dc why is his king moving? Or is it a bot that move the king?

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