4 player chess: I scared off the competition, I guess

Let’s have some more fun with 4-player chess.


  1. good shit, wish i could play this but i'd suck at it, i already suck at normal chess

  2. what's your blitz/ rapid rating? because that queen blunder made me question it..

  3. I've just recently got back into chess and I'm blundering everything. Loved the mind melt of watching you play 4 player chess.

  4. 四人チェスをしたことがあります。

  5. 4:15 I really don't like this. The player shouldn't be out just because you get him into checkmate, you should actually have to take his king before he's out.

  6. I don't understand what happened at 5:22 ? Why did red suddenly lose control of everything except their king?

  7. "Oh wait, That's mate!"
    But it was in fact, not mate.

  8. Where can i play it? What's the site?

  9. Never knew there was 4 player chess. Are there any above that?

  10. man if stockfish learns 4 way chess humanity is doomed

  11. Wait so how the hell do you develop pieces without getting diagonaled?

  12. I didn't even know this existed xD i love chess! This was such a great vid!

  13. Why did it seem like two players quit prematurely?

  14. I'm all in for some chill chess games. U get one sub! 👍

  15. What the fuck🤯🤯🤯how does this even work? Is it color against color or is it more of a free for all like every color against every color?? That's so bizarre dude like as if chess wasn't hard enough or something 🤣🤣🤣

  16. I never knew that there was a game of four-player chess! It also sounds like this is a game not for impatient people! I would not play it because two-player chess is already hard enough for me! 🤣

  17. Everyone gangsta until 8 player chess releases

  18. Why the red pawn didn't just take the queen when checked?

  19. hello! nice video, where did you play this 4player chess?

  20. Do 8 player chess and imagine they all go for 1

  21. Fact:This 4 player chess called Chaturanga and it was invented by Chanakya

  22. ..that part where you could check two kings at the same time ..

  23. 4 player chess is a braincell killer, I was wondering how yellow got checkmate'd until I realized the bishop exists

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  25. the worst thing about 4 players chess is that sometimes 2 players start playing against 1 and its impossible to predict when it will happen

  26. Oh god, the endless blunders from all sides. You didn’t take the red king after he resigned. Watching this game puts me on edge, it’s like a car crash, I can’t look away.

  27. This is funnily interesting i gotta give a shot

  28. Why did reds pieces go grey but his king was still active? I assume a bug?

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