4 player chess: I scared off the competition, I guess

Let’s have some more fun with 4-player chess.


  1. You did it two clean queen Blenders but those noobs didn’t even see it how fascinating

  2. Yo I just clicked, watched the whole video, and there are 67 views? You're playing chess good and explain all the moves calmly. Definitely underrated

  3. This was so chill to Watch. Would love to see more 4 player Chess from you🙌

  4. This game must be Chinese Chess! "I kind of like this game."

  5. Just in case you missed this…along many other errors….

    You spent 1.5 minutes planning and executing an attack on red, why did you not deliver the final blow? You should consider accepting the win when it is given to you~

    At 5:45, Green has just played Qxj3, which gives a check but loses the queen for negative compensation(you helped red open up red's inactive rook for only a pawn). Since the previous move was a check, we might as well follow up the check with Qxh1 and claiming the win. That was your plan anyway, perhaps you thought giving checks could win you the game? Now is the moment to continue~

    Nope. As they always say, when you have mate-in-1, look for better. We could play Qxe8, capturing a pawn with check. But we play neither, and we play the move Qxe11,drawing our attention to the opposite side of the board, disregarding all the previous efforts to attack red. You were literally one move away from winning the game. You were so close~

    There is a tremendous amount of room for improvement. Keep it up~

  6. Wars happen usually in alliance. It means two sides, Black and White….

  7. I love how you blundered a queen twice and got away with it both times.

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