4 Player Chess Puzzle

This is a FFA (Free For All = not teams) game. Everyone is high rated. Post your thoughts.


  1. Soem options are: 1.) Mating Blue with Qxb7# (This would loose your queen but would be securing at least 3rd place. Since you have a good chance to win the game if you keep your queen, this is not the best option.)2.) Taking red knight with your bishop with Bxi3 (This would win a piece from your strongest opponent, but if he risks his queen and checks you with Qxm7+ and Blue supports him with his Rook Re6# your done an 4th place. So not an option! Blue could also just take your queen with his Bishop.)3.) Bringing your Queen back to safety and checking yellow with Qj9+ (allowing red and blue free takes from yellow if they wish)I think Nr. 3 is clearly the best move here.

  2. Without knowing how we got to this position it is hard to say.

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