4 Player Chess Slugfest with Hikaru, Qiyu, and Manbunovich

On July 4th, Hikaru, IM Aleksandr Ostrovskiy and WGM Qiyu Zhou and I all played 4 player chess. This is an excerpt. (please follow the twitch channel – the next 4 player chess will include GM Aryan Tari, Norway #2)

In this video:
Hikaru Nakamura. Do I really have to put his links?
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and WGM Qiyu Zhou :arrow_right:

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  1. Bro 4 player videos are so much fun.

  2. Sir make some 4 Player tips video Poogers

  3. This is the only reason I watch this channel. Thanks Hikaru for introducing me to 4P chess

  4. Love 4 player videos! Continue making great content!

  5. Hey man. I've never managed to find your Youtube videos. I've only ever seen you live on Twitch. Glad I finally managed to finally managed to catch a video.widepeepoHappy
    I love the 4 player chess and hope you keep it up. This is where the content is at. POGGERS

  6. Love the 4 Player Videos. Can't wait for you and Hikaru to become team Champions!

  7. Good content as always! Fun to watch. BTW, shame on those five who disliked this. Man, I am pretty sure you didn't watch it.

  8. Can anyone explain to me how Qiyu had mate in that last game?

  9. Qiyu should stop making fun of Levy, her comments are annoying and have no basis.

  10. Levy, what a win! That first game was so fun to watch!

  11. How does someone go about possibly becoming a student of yours? I’ve been watching all your teaching videos lately and your teaching method sticks with me. I’m making a comment on a recent video hoping you see it. My USCF currently says I’m rated just below 1300. However I don’t play many rated games (yet). We have a local club where I am consistently beating 1600 rated players, even twice now I’ve beaten a 1900 and almost 2000 rated player. I probably don’t live close but Skype, or anything would work. Also not sure what you charge or if you want anymore students but I am willing to learn, easy to teach, and will do the work it takes. I’m 19, have a job, and money isn’t an issue. I want to start traveling for tournaments but I need a good teacher first.

  12. 0 + 1 exists on Lichess and it's very fun

  13. I don't know to much about this game but one strategy is to attack the player on your right, and if you under promote to a bishop they might not take it.

  14. Why's Nemsko shushing? Is it about the high thing?

  15. Let's be honest, everything is better when you have a super GM in tow

  16. 13:18 hehaHikaru if I didn't get checkmated I could have won LOL

  17. Guys I know they are top intelligent people but the rule clearly said it's 8×8 chess board and pawn promotes to rook. But they didn't note that not even one out of four. No offense to anyone I was just surprised to see that none of them noted it. And by the wayyy @40:15 there was no mate on hikaru bcoz pawns can move only 1 square in this mode. levy tried it in the first move and everyone forgot it too. I'm jst suprised.

  18. I love Levy’s face when he realizes she’s talking bad about him. Then he says “yo are you still talking shit?!” I had to replay that part a couple times😂 That was hilarious!

  19. Most unwatched video on the channel? 19k views? Come one guys let's get this man the add revenue

  20. here after GothamCity's clip.

  21. 4players chess is so much fun. Although,it depends extremely on luck,too;Because the moves of your opponents are uncontrollable thus,you may be thrashed,even though you haven't committed a single mistake

  22. That 4 player game is Chaturaji, an Indian game.

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