4 player chess strategy

It’s always good to have a helping hand in your game. Let the 4 player chess strategy be that useful tool to beat the opponents. In this unusual style, it’s especially important to have tricks or techniques to lean on.

4 player chess strategy

Why it’s important to think strategically

If you want to win, it’s crucial to have a better plan than your rival. Foreseeing the enemy’s upcoming moves and choosing the optimal ones for yourself are key skills. That’s why you should invest your time and effort into developing this kind of mindset.

Main points of the 4 player chess strategy

  • Keep in mind all the opponents. It may seem a good idea to deal with the enemies sequentially. However, this tactic can work against you. While executing a dramatic attack on Blue, you can miss Red coming from another side. So don’t focus on one rival only.
  • Accompany other players in assaults. When witnessing an attack, check if it’s possible to take advantage of the situation. You can actually use the tempo a player needs to defend himself. It’s particularly applicable when he is in check and moves after you. Chances are you can just take a piece without effort.
  • The previous recommendation can be used in the opposite way. A player can deliberately become vulnerable to you while being attacked by another one. He may just have the plan to sacrifice a piece to gain a checkmate. And your goal isn’t to help the opponents accomplish their plans.


We’ve broken down the details of the 4 player chess strategy. Now it’s time to apply it in real chess battles. Remember, practice makes perfect!