Learning the basics of 4 player chess TEAMS!

Pieces move and capture like always (though there is no en passant at this time)
Pawns promote on your 11th rank
Your team-mate is the player across from you.
You cannot capture your teammate’s pieces.
Checkmate only happens when a player’s turn is reached allowing a player’s teammate to intervene.
The first team to checkmate an enemy player wins!


  1. Your Skills seem indeed dobious at best, … at least for now 😉 you probably do alot better when you get up from the silly-tier 🙂

  2. I don't see teams becoming a thing for this channel unless you get a friend on with you for every game.

  3. Hey love your vids but if/especially if you're doing teams you should to capture the whole chat box on screen. Thanks

  4. At the end, yellow could take m7 with the knight allowing green king to recapture avoiding the mate,

  5. On the last game Yellow could've taken the green King's pond (m7) allowing him to take the knight and be safe of your mate, but I also think it waits until it's the player's turn to end the game.

    Greetings from Argentina! Loving the content!

  6. In last game, yellow could’ve played m7 which would’ve allowed the king to escape

  7. I think around @43:56 you had Nc6 rather than taking the bishop. That way it's a double check and yellow can swing the queen in for what looks like a mate shortly after.

  8. I wish they gave the opportunity to continue play even after one of the two players has been check mated. See if you could come back out of the 2 on 1 depending how you and your teammate attacked their pieces previously. Also miss the points being awarded on each capture.

  9. If yellow took the kings pawn green could have taken knight to get out of check

  10. 👸👸👸👸👸🎥🔬📽️

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