4 PLAYER CHESS TEAMS tactics and strategies I’m giving a try;) I hope you enjoy 😀

Pieces move and capture like always (though there is no en passant at this time)
Pawns promote on your 11th rank
Your team-mate is the player across from you.
You cannot capture your teammate’s pieces.
Checkmate only happens when a player’s turn is reached allowing a player’s teammate to intervene.
The first team to checkmate an enemy player wins!


  1. Do you know why sonetimes it dont let me play?

  2. The rules for teams are a bit different from FFA, I put the rules in the description of every video;)

  3. 3:20 red Qxb7#! imo, any move that allows both opponents to check you is probably a blunder. even allowing a check from the left often loses. 3. Bb8 blocking loses in 1 if green cant check red. imo QxQ is often forced, as not exchanging usually loses by force. even just allowing QxQ often loses. nice example see here: https://youtu.be/1aE4F5jDoHc?t=4671 see my comment on that vid. the Queen-lift is easy to miss.. nathan missed it. this game is wicked 😉

  4. Hi. 3:18 blue had checkmate u by tsaking ur queen pawn with his queen..now u haave two queens kissing ur king ..game over

  5. Heyy man like your videos. I prefer ffa by faar though cause its less random

  6. At 12:27 why doesn't red take your bishop, if you take with king its mate, whatever you do you lose your rook as well as yellow trades queens. I think if player to your right opens with king pawn push, you should avoid doing the same.

  7. In the first game when you are in check if red instead of taking the green bishop took your queen pawn it would've been checkmate on you

  8. Personally, I prefer watching FFA, it is more interesting to watch. Everyone has been doing exclusively team games, to my dismay. Perhaps you could rotate? Great vids, by the way.

  9. I really like the team games. I think they are more interesting than FFA.

  10. when yellow took your kings pawn in first game red should have taken your Queens pawn

  11. I think games should go till the capture of the king,because sometimes player 2 can defend the mate that has already been done

  12. 8:07 "I like this, I like this"… it's a hanging knight, blue can take it for free

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