4 PLAYER CHESS TEAMS HUMANS VS ENGINE: GM Dmitry Kononenko and Icystun win 3 games in a row!!! 3-2


  1. how did they find these bots? I want to play against these bots they are so good

  2. 4-1*. We had mate in 2 in game 2 when the server issues arrived. That was definitely a win.

  3. 35:55 : nope…that would hang mate in 2 😉 Qxh3+ gxh3 Qxi2+ Qxa6 Bxh3#

  4. Nice to see that bots have become so strong…

  5. Copypaste games 3 and 5, i think it happened because for this engine is available depth 8-10 qartermoves, like shows endgame of 1st game it's enogh to have very good calculation on 1-2 moves material or mate threats , but when it nesessary to make more deep calculation, it can be a problem. Probably with depth 15-20 quartermoves and a bit changed pawn grabbing priority engine will become unbeatable for humans
    19:45 i am sure this engine never blind mate in 2 – bQg10 yQg11
    26:35 yes, Bi2 wins much faster
    27:25 funny line gRl11 rQl6 bQl7 wins red or both queens

  6. where can I find these bots?

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