4 Player Chess (Teams) – Rules & Strategies

Hey guys, this is Steven here with a Chess Tutorial for those of you bored of old-fashion chess. This will be the 2nd video of a series I’m doing on Chess Variants, going over the basic rules with some strategies and tactics mixed in to help get you started.

4-Player Chess (FFA) –
4-Player Chess (Teams) –
4-Player Chess (Bughouse) –
3-4 Player Chess (Hand & Brain) –
King of the Hill –
Chess 960 –
3-Check Chess –
Crazyhouse –

Check out my Old-Fashion Chess for Beginner’s Tutorial Playlist here:

is the platform I use, it is a great website/app – fun place to play and learn.
Find me there – my username is: Steven_Scott


  1. This is old setup. A better video will show opening traps in the new setup.

  2. Nice video! However, I think red could have helped at 6:40 if he plays the knight up to attack blues rook. If blue attacks the queen in the same way, then yellow can just take greens rook with the pawn and red will be just in time to play the knight between the yellow queen and the blue rook.

    Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think green just hung a rook by attacking the yellow one. Of course the defense is not easy to see, especially with 8 seconds on the clock 🙂

  3. thank you, finally I understood the rules..

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