4 PLAYER CHESS! – The Armchair Admirals! – Chess – 28/12/20

Duncan, Spiffing Brit, Rythian & Daltos play some 4 player chess in this stream

0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Chess

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Fun Fact: Chess was invented in 1387 by John Chess

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  1. Nice you can do way more wacky versions of 4p chess if you like. Like greenchess a site has a giant version played on a circle.

  2. Timestamp: "Chess" the whole video.
    Thank you editors very helpful

  3. Yogscast x GothamChess would be a dream come true!

  4. Daltos giving Rythian life advice is nice

  5. 1:34:27 100% agree with Duncan's move. Taking the Queen is a +1 (taking a upgraded pawn) for a -5 (losing the rook) whereas allowing the Queen to live is a +3 (bishop) for a -3 (knight). In any free for all game, defense is almost always more important than offense.

  6. I'm a simple possessed knight. I see chess and I like.

  7. I havent watched the yogscast in awhile and I forgot how Rhythian can complain alot

  8. Chess is pretty popular these days cus of the queens gambit huh

  9. Everyone here complaining about Rythian Meanwhile we have another game spiff sucks the life out of with his tedious Meta goading and alliance building because he hasn't figured out how to powergame being a likable person.

  10. Thank god chat wasn't playing. They would always have won in 5 turns.

  11. 1:43:58 Wait, if Rythian had turned that pawn into a Queen, Duncan would've been in Check and couldn't have taken the Rook

    2:02:50 I TAKE IT ALL BACK

  12. from what I hear, they want chess to be more like civ

  13. Would've been better if they didn't read chat.

  14. Man, Rythian is unpleasant to watch.

  15. Rythian in the second game guarding against the Queens – the Knight's Watch

  16. Never thought i'd sit and watch 3 hours of chess but I really enjoyed this, the banter is spot on, moar of this please. I love how Duncan can always bring out Rythian's salt 😀 also enabling auto captions is awesome they don't know what to do with the words Rythian and Daltos some of the replacements are hilarious. Daltos let a man eat his chips, it is a sacred time in every brits life, you have to respect that.

  17. only the yogscast could turn chess into a fucking civ metagame political nonsense match

  18. And the whiny crybaby Rythian is back at it again. GG saltlord

  19. I would like to have more videos of this to watch

  20. I brought this and introduced it to my highschool chess club back in 2013/14. We had 3 rule sets conquer where you use the person you took out pieces, keep where pieces remained, or clear where they'd get removed. The chess club never played normal again I'm happy to see it being played again

  21. More chess is required to satisfy the chess mob.

  22. i feel for rythian in game two dude

    edit: fate is a fickle mistress

  23. rythian bitching about being ganged up on 5 minutes after ganging up on Daltos is the most rythian thing ever.

  24. The worst misplay this entire game is Daltos spelling out ASCII instead of pronouncing it properly (ass-key)

  25. Oh I wasn't imagining things, it is a real thing :0

  26. If anyone is looking for "wizard chess" check out Militia and Militia 2, it's pretty much single player chess with really cool units and enemies

  27. oh god I remember playing this with my friends, they had a super cheese strat which they used to immediately take your rook at the beginning of the game

  28. This actually requires apm as in , ability to see many angles at the same time. Now obviously you make 1 move, but there's 3 different fronts

  29. I love Chess, I love watching, it’s a nice learning and experience for both players and people watching.
    But when this chat gets involved with backseat gaming, it makes it irritating to see them both irate each players. I get it is all in good fun. They still enjoy playing games with each other. Just hearing the players say what chat wants and thinks is a good move just makes it borderline harder to enjoy this.
    Chat isn’t playing the game. Just let them play it out. It’s much more entertaining seeing them blunder and watching them grow as they learn from their mistakes.

  30. The more I watch Spiff and Daltos play together, the more I enjoy their friendly rivalry. It's kinda hot.

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