4 Player chess: This guy just wouldn’t resign

This game was a fun one. I may have had a little too much fun at the end, though. *shrugs*


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  1. "If it's not a stupid idea, go ahead a throw a check, because you ever know… it might end up being check-mate!" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Omg green thats me! And also my 1st game just bc i watched ur videos and wanted to try out too 🙂 (also i thought i could castle but i missclicked twice)

  3. 19:22 you could have won there if you moved the queen on the right to the left X2

  4. Lol why is this such a good channel

  5. I like your chill music, and calm voice. You deserve more attention. Maybe you're not as boisterous or experienced as some, but watching you is like casually looking at a friend playing.

  6. Feel bad for blue, they just got targeted from all sides. Could tell right from the start that yellow was bad lol

  7. 4 player chess be like makes move, loses

  8. I would love to see 4-way competitive and 2-against-2 cooperative 4-player professional chess.

  9. ngl im the type of person to never resign until checkmate
    even if it means i blundered a queen

  10. Have you tried the mobile App version?
    extra small board and no zooms, hard to click the damned pieces..

  11. can you post some normal chess aswelll?

  12. 15:03 the attacking rook was defended by your knight, so it couldn’t be captured lol

  13. Your voice is amazing Lmao and I can actually understand certain things abt your plans or goals while playing while I’m just lost and left over analyzing everything when I watch GMs

  14. standard opening theory would have you pushing the queens pawn to promote not the kings pawn fyi

  15. I don’t resign, I like the satisfaction of checkmate, I figure my opponents do too

  16. Resigning is for cowards lol. Get checkmated like a man

  17. It's interesting that opponents could possibly team up here. Like at 9:53 green could have checkmated yellow using your queen to "defend" his queen; or at 11:20 you could have checkmated blue using your queen with green's queen and rook

  18. bro didn't notice about 5 different checkmates😂

  19. Keeps mentioning possible promotion does nothing then it promotes and he says "oh I missed that" lol

  20. 15:20, idrk what you were seeing here but even if he didn't have the option to block with bishop the white square to its left diagonal was always open

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