4-PLAYER CHESS w/ Samay Raina, Vidit Gujrathi & Botez Sisters

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  1. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  2. Fun fact:samay's face was not visible throught the game bcz of subtitles

  3. Fun to watch two bright beautiful ladies playing and teaching also commentating Chess game enjoying all the hosts as well

  4. New subscriber here, You're great in playing chess Alexandra, I love it.

  5. Samay ka dil toot gaya jab bishop ne bishop ko le lia 🤣🤣😭❤️

  6. Anywhere in YouTube something related to India… Indias lets go there😄😄

  7. red rook takes blue bishop
    red queen threat to take blue pawn after blue pawn takes red rook
    red queen threat blue knight or to check king

  8. Samay: we'll eliminate GM first.
    Alex: roger that
    Vidit: I'm so bad at chess
    Andreah: where's Alex, I'm coming for you.

  9. I love the way Andrea talks and her gullibility. She doesn’t even suspect why the rook was placed in front of her queen – because there is no reason except to capture her queen.

  10. Thought he was gonna say let’s see if the bros can defeat the hos then

  11. I am so sorry but i thought he was gonna say:" lets see if the bros can defeat the hoes" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 0:22

  12. When I first seen this video, I thought it was just 4 random nerds playing some off brand ripoff of chess lol now here I am watching this again months later and I know at least 3 of them are really good chess players and you tubers, and I’m assuming the last dude in the bottom corner is their friend?

  13. Indians ldte reh gye. Firangi is baar phir jeet gye.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  15. Andrea marry to samay he love you and come to India most welcome in India Bhabhi

  16. Vidit: "I'm a noob at this game." Also Vidit: explains the details of the point system regarding promoted and original queens to get Alex to take Samay's queen.

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  18. Samay like: you comedime 🤣
    Girls: we comedy with us🤡

  19. I thought he was gonna say "let's see if the bros defeat the hoes"

  20. “He has two queens, I just noticed” 😆
    Samay redirecting lol

  21. “Here Andrea I’m helping Samay and this way he can’t
    Andrea “I don’t trust anybody”
    Alex: “no so he can’t protect”
    Alex: (holds back laugh) his roook”

  22. Things you should not do:
    1. Drink and drive
    2. Spit around in public places
    3. Trust Samay

  23. The way Andrea changed her main target three times in as many seconds had me in stitches. She should really never change!

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