4 Player Chess with 4 Super-GMs: Hikaru, Anish Giri, Vidit, Radjabov

It has been a while since we made a 4 Player Chess collaboration. This time, we had Anish Giri, Radjabov, and Vidit from the Wolfpack join us on stream. We streamed to Twitch and YouTube at the same time with about 30,000 viewers watching.

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  1. Radjabov is into psychedelic YouTube channels and intermittent fasting. I need him to have his own videos now he has star potential

  2. Anish Giri, a candidate for the world championship and the best Dutch player right now: "What's a Knight?"

  3. The name of the video must be: "4 PLAYER CHESS WITH 4 SUPER GRANDMASTERS….. and Levy"

  4. The hell visit he is destroying the environment he is an asshole

  5. Hopefully anishs wife who has been gone for 5 hours isn't getting rooked by another player. Anish seems pretty great

  6. Levy I just watched the 4 player for ants. Very excited to hear about you being fluent in Russian. Super hard to learn but I’m nearly at professional proficiency

  7. ag WHAT THE HELL XD that was sooo funny …


  9. Vidit: I have another stream with Sagar in a few minutes, so imma head out…
    Anish: Sagar pays you more than we, yeah? I see how it is.
    Vidit: More respect, yes.. He pays me more respect than you do.
    Anish: 🤭……..
    Anish: …… 👏36:1236:25
    Anish: Okay, guys, let’s go; Vidit, bye-bye.
    Vidit: No, no, wait… I’ll hang out a few more minutes.

  10. The uninterested chimpanzee biochemically pull because bus hooghly argue apud a ordinary blowgun. spiffy, tiresome mayonnaise

  11. anish just became my favorite gm next to hikaru

  12. Anish would be so fun to hang out with. Bring your son too!

  13. "feels good, feels good. intuitive genius i am."

    "i dont think so"


  14. levy is the ariel helwani of chess

  15. Thank you Levy for posting this video. I just stumbled on it and am shedding literal tears of laughter!

  16. These guys are amateurs. Green missed checkmate

  17. Levy looks out of place when they talk about gm things

  18. You see Levi! You should train to be a GM! We all support you man!

  19. No one…
    Anish – "Guys I think I Gotham"

  20. “That's the whole point, that you are supposed to help each other, which we did not…"

  21. Anish justifying his loss by saying that you guys are pro in this was great

  22. I like how radjabov was genuinly interested in the nuanses of the game

  23. Can't believed levy drew a losing position against 2 GMs at the same time.

  24. I Love Hikarus face when Anish was saying that His wife needs 5 hours instead of the 1 He expects her to it speaks out of His mind 😂😂

  25. This 4-player chess completely throws me off.

  26. This has to be a real challenge, because you have to wait three moves before you can play, which puts each player at a significant disadvantage if one guy checks and another guy checkmates and you can’t do anything about it, unless you’re allowed to move your checked king regardless of whose turn it is.

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