4-player chess with Alexandra Botez

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  1. Can you play with longer time controls please. 4 player 960??

  2. I absolutely love seeing a grandmaster and a FIDE master learn a whole new game and getting to grips with the new tactics.

    This team variant of four player chess is infenitely better than the FFA, the FFA is boring, because you have to be really passive.

  3. Great Format! Very entertaining

    PS: Alexandra's voice is sooo attractive !

  4. Everything points on the pawn in front of the queen , and if you make a mistake there you're dead.

  5. @Jon: How's your rating in one-against-three? I really struggle with the 1500-benchmark

  6. @1:05:09 I think yellow bishop takes pawn on L8 should have been played after you took blue's queen (even if he took your bishop) to prevent green from taking your queen.

  7. Im here to watch Hammer, this broad is annoying

  8. 1:03:00 you guys did have mate, if you moved the knight for check in the other direction (taking the rook pawn) and then alexandra moves the queen in for double checkmate

  9. It's fun watching these masters try to figure out a new game

  10. I haven't played this yet, but I think you can checkmate if you're only in check. at 42:10-ish you're discussing the checkmate but green can check you. That check is unimportant because you can checkmate before your king is taken (think bughouse rules here)

  11. In which site can I play this 4player chess. I will play in mobile

  12. I wonder if they know that pawn crossing half of board turn into queen

  13. Such fun, thank you so much for uploading this! Looking forward to seeing more 4-player chess, preferably with Alexandra, she's wonderful

  14. 59:05 Red Knight to m4 followed by Yellow Queen to n7 would have been checkmate I think

  15. Did you see the check-mate at 1:23:20 ? blueQueen K4 and yellow something and then GreenQ i2

  16. knights are weak af. I prefer pawns over knights.

  17. Past:Hammer:"an 1800 player!"

    Nowadays:1800 is so common I just joined 4 player and become a 1800 😛

  18. "Are you the nr 2 player in norway now?"…. "Yeah, it's kind of difficult being nr 1…" hahaha.

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