4-Way Chess Games (1)

me and my family playing 4-way chess


  1. The Allied Troops Must Be Face To Face Attacking On Right And Left Fronts.

  2. The Game Is Over At Once Both Two Allied Kings Die.

  3. At last AGE OF EMPIRES multiplayer, jaja XD, also reminds me BATTLE TANX, Tanks Wars, is amazing! 😀

  4. is this for sale or yo guys just made it up

  5. like the way that kid made 4 moves after his grandma lost her king

  6. y comio la rey ya no puede participar o continua eso son eliminado celerte y ademas siguer luchancho eso son regla

  7. I just had the idea to make a game of 4 player chess. All ready bin done. Damb-it. Thought I was gona make million for a sec. Thanks for the upload douch. Kidding. Im gona try this game aswell as like this vid. peace

  8. this would be epic .. with people making alliances without other people knowing

  9. they all are rookies. they don't know ""let the other three rumble-fumble , then scrape off remaining last one"" strategy.

  10. YES 4 PLAYER CHESS EXISTS! Never thought it did!!

  11. I don't think this family knows how to play chess

  12. the game was going good until you guys started adding your own rules..

  13. 4:40 need to trim your nails man. Would not be surprised if you're divorced

  14. Wtf..

    The old guy bullying the little kid cause he exposed his king…when he exchaged queens…

  15. hey. The movments are easy.

    I cannot find a explanation about the Check on King.

    And how the game continuous after one king gone.

    The pieces continue on the board making a barrier, or loosing you have to took it all ?

  16. You can play 4 player chess on chess.com

    These guys are not playing by standard rules but it’s their private game for fun.

    Just don’t use this it to learn if you actually want to play

    Look up Lars 4 player chess, the strongest player in the world (maybe second strongest depends who you ask, the alternative being a grandmaster named Dmitry, but he offers no commentary) gives commentary on games. Even if it’s not the best commentary, the moves are top quality.

    Also luke4playerchess offers his ideas on teams and on free for all. He’s a decent player and at the least can allow you to watch some strong players games.

    You can also join chess.com and spectate live games. Without commentary of course.

  17. Have you seen Taifho game ? also game for 4 but its rather chess and checkers combination

  18. elo mordy trzymajcie sie tam w przyszłości

  19. 3.48 the green could slide queen diagnally and checkmate the blue with bishop support

  20. حقين البلوت كيف يبون شطرنج :

  21. Bruh you kill the king? And you still playing

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