4-Way Chess Games (3)

quick game, double death pawn attack backfires


  1. From where you have bought this four player chess mat and pieces.I am interested for buying this awesome product

  2. jajaja stoopid kid …they just ate your queen…

  3. wtf i hate this when you restart cause someone makes a mistake. the game must go on.

  4. Never open with the rook pawn, haha. 😂 That's a terrible opening!

  5. In The 4 Way The rooks pawn Opening Can Be A Pretty Aggressive Move That Can Sometimes Catch An Opponent Off Guard If it isn't Countered Correctly And give you an Advantage With Control.

  6. Jesus! These people are USELESS. The green guy with the deep voice is making some dumb moves against the kid with the "Death Pawns" – meanwhile the mother swoops in and takes the kid's queen, and then – Jesus! "Start again"? Are you serious? Is this how you teach your kids about life? You don't like the way things turn out, just start again? And three of those doffs opened with rook pawns! Are you all TRYING to get blocked in?

  7. Next time don't let your kid talk. He's annoying.

  8. I just want to see a 4 player chess. but nah you,, restart the game" cause the kid is an idiot and he will start to cry if he looses. next time don't bother to upload this on public.

  9. Much more coplex than current Syria situation.

  10. My way of value with chess pieces from low to high


  11. They should had let him learn his lesson.

  12. Y'all saying that the kid is annoying as if you weren't like this as a kid💀

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