5 Secret Chess Rules

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  1. There's another one. You can draw by time if the other one has insufficient checkmate material and you don't

  2. Doesn't repetition include perpetual check?

  3. The 50 move rule and stalemate are jumpscares in my opinion

  4. Tymczasem pozycja w której białym skończył się czas a mogły zamatować a czarne nie mają jak tego zrobić… To jest remis

  5. Perpetual check is literally just repetitive moves… So how are they different?

  6. I mean…

    " A draw by perpetual check is no longer one of the rules of chess; however, such a situation will eventually allow a draw claim by either threefold repetition or the fifty-move rule. Players usually agree to a draw long before that, however.[1]"

  7. There is a 6th Way influential material vs time

  8. Also if both players run out of time – obviously this can't happen at the same time but if a player fails to notice that his opponent's flag has fallen, and then his own flag falls, the game can be called a draw.

  9. Forget your time running out and your opponent not having sufficient material

  10. Bro just roasted us with "your favourite, stalemate"

  11. There's also dead draw position – it is extremely rare, so it is always overlooked. I, personally, for almost 40 years in chess saw it only once.

  12. What is the difference between the first one and the second one? Isn't it just 3 time repetition in boty?

  13. What's the least number of pieces required for a mate?

  14. Forgot draw by time out Vs insufficient mating material

  15. I guess stalemate is both my favourite and a rule I don't know.

  16. The first exampke isn’t perpetual check though, it’s threefold repetition

  17. Only the third is a draw, the others are forgeits

  18. number 6, When opponent time out but u had insufficient material :"V

  19. Why are you telling me I didn't know rules I knew?

  20. Stalemate would be the worst way to draw if you're up material💀
    But it'll be your lifesaver if you're down material 😎😀

  21. Isn’t perpetual check just forced 3 move repetition

  22. My fav is draw by timeout vs insufficient material

  23. 7. Analog clocks, both flags fell, but it can't be proven whose flag fell first, is a draw. It's in the FIDE rules.

  24. Perpetual check falls under threefold repetition and isn't a way to draw on its own.

  25. I remember my brother and I playing a game and he had a single horse and his king to my one piece, the king. I refused to give up and when he got tired and left I declared myself the winner for sticking it out. 100% fair if you ask me

  26. I Knew all of them. And the 50 move rule will reset when someone is in check

  27. Stalemate hurts more than a fracture 😭😭

  28. I forced a draw once, it’s one of the absolute funniest things you can possibly do. My opponent was great at chess, I was not, it was down to his king and a bishop, and I only had a king. I bullied him into submission because I firmly believed I could somehow win. Fleeing in circles around the board is a great tactic to get your opponent to rage and concede a win

  29. Never let them know your next move:
    Canceled match

  30. I just remembered something.

    One time I was playing in a chess tournament (my school was pretty small), and me and my opponent repeated moves until he pressured me to throw the game.

    We were in elementary, don't blame him.

  31. I once got someone to put me in a draw eventhough I only had my king and the opponent had 2 queens and a tower

  32. You can with lost on time but not enough pieces

  33. Stalemate should just be counted as a win becuase if you've forced your opponent into that position you've won

  34. Harry potter plays chess?……….

  35. At 50 move rule either party can claim a draw. At 75 the draw is forced. It happens so often at 50 because draws are desirable to continuing.

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