A. Indichenko (1802) vs Tweedledum (1311). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Rapid

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  1. Он что паралельно мультики смотрит?

  2. The kid looks everywhere but the chess board.

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  4. I have watched several of this young child's chess matches and know he is very good, but he always has that "this game is boring" look. Plus the child never looks at the chess board until he makes his quick moves.
    Congrats to the man for winning the chess match. Finally had the child on his toes at the end and didn't look so bored. To the child, you can't win them all. And where was the hand shake at the end, if any. Not very sportsman like. Or don't chess players shake when they lose the game.

  5. Какое неуважение к сопернику, жуёт, только что ноги на стол не закидывает. Болел за мужика!!!

  6. I think he analyzes the board , in his mind, while looking away. Tigers and leopards pretend they are not looking at their prey when hunting. This kids mind works faster than most. Most people have to stare at the board. He knows that the pieces won’t move for another few minutes and he is doing spacial analysis . He is obviously very gifted.

  7. l'enfant,c'est comme dans le jeu de dame , le même prodige , joue presque sans réfléchir

  8. Mr i can see your gears grinding sweat poring down your face you barely make a move and your starring at the game he barely looks and litterally is kicking your butt all over the board damm

  9. every video i see of this kid, he loses. it this a meme?

  10. The kid is watching cartoons on tv…he deserved the win.

  11. That game is not between a veteran and a boy. The boy is just doing  everything according to instructions from somebody behind. That's why he doesn't concentrate on the board, because he concentrated on the hidden hint board behind the camera.

  12. The man look construction 👀 only board…kids cool confidence on the board😮😮😮what difference brains😮

  13. все вы думаете что ребенок играет,,??? хехе а вот и нет, тут все гораздо сложнее, просто вы видите только то, что можете увидить физически , а на самом деле …. вы не видите главного —– думает не ребенок в игре понимаете? нет?? а вот кто думает я писать не буду, потому что , тот кто думает в сто раз старше и опытнее того мужика. ИМХО

  14. مستقبل هذا. الطفل قاءد. عسكري في الجيش الروسي تحية له من العراق

  15. They re just play runnnin around and around and the child make me laugh lol

  16. Discúlpeme en decirles pero el niño es un aprendiz. El tan solo ve un video hacia donde debe mover, porque la partida de ajedrez es programada, por eso nunca mira el juego y solo ve directo a la pantalla…

  17. the boy could win by taking the rock , instead he loose the rock.

  18. What on earth is that kid looking at? He seems to be fixated at something on his left, not even concentrating on the game!

  19. Скорей всего он смотрит на монитор

  20. Üzüldü,kıyamam,ama yenilmesini de öğrenmesi gerekiyor,hayat toz pembe değil..

  21. Kid how you do that ? … I just concentrate my thoughts to one point … 01:54

  22. This kid is the Mr Bean of Chess.. 🙂

  23. 13:28 el niño comia torrextorre y era jaque mate. Pero lo encontro muy simple.

  24. Que ansia jugar con alguien tan disperso!
    Felicidades al Adulto por su paciencia

  25. I don’t know how anyone can play against with their straight face. 😂
    He’s adorable and talented!
    And the adults who are playing against him are giving him due respect.

  26. Ale to jest manipulacja ten chłopczyk nie patrzy na szachownicę tylko na jakiś punkt gdzie na pewno jest monitor z ruchami

  27. What' a game. The child looking atnthe mirror or what

  28. Pardon me I’m a novice at best so im likely naive but did the kid only play defense ?

  29. This man gave the great child a chance to correct his move .. but he didn't get it.

  30. الى ماذا ينظر هذا الطفل

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